Scots Vote NO to Stay in the United Kingdom | No Has 2,001,926 Votes & Yes Has 1,617,989 According to Results from 32 Councils

Scots Vote


Scotland has voted NO to stay in the United Kingdom after voters decisively rejected independence. But I am not shocked and saw this coming…

As Peter Hitchens recently wrote “the poor Scots are threatened with currency collapse, bankruptcy, irrelevance and isolation” and for such bad tactics, the only reasonable real option that the Scots had in my estimation is a NO vote.

Who would have the balls to vote YES in the face of all these threats and surely, if the UK holds a referendum over its EU membership, I am sure the EU will employ this ridiculous tactics which works.

Currently, results in from all 32 council areas had the “No” side winning with 2,001,926 votes over 1,617,989 for “Yes”.

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