James Gardiner Should Take Some Decent Seats And Leave Dumelo Alone; He Is Probably WORST


I don’t even understand why James Gardiner is giving this past an forgotten relationship between his cousin and John Dumelo this undeserving attention— has he forgotten that what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander? But this goes a long way to affirm one thing, men will always be men. They … Read more

Gifty Osei Should Take Several Seats Behind With Her Receding Hairline- We Have Had It!


Gifty Osei

Gospel musician, Gifty Osei will never cease to amaze some of us. When I said the woman is practically scraping the surface of the earth just to stay relevant on Instagram, people came at me for that comment.
Now I am even tempted to believe that she is struggling with her career. As we published a month ago that “jobs nor dey” so Gifty Osei has taken to hosting her own show which will not be anything from the usual anyway.

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