The Plights Of Secular-Turned Gospel Musicians in Ghana

Lord Kenya, Miss Ghana And Lesedi Foundation inspire Borstal Inmates (22)
Evangelist Lord Kenya

If some secular artistes who become ‘born again’ and subsequently turn gospel artistes regret becoming so, it is perhaps due to the lack of support Ghanaians give to them.

Ghanaians are hypocrites! This is a statement that sounds harsh and derogatory but it is true. Its truism is well demoed in how Ghanaians herald artistes when they are secular and the sudden drift of stand when such artistes become ‘born again’ and subsequently become gospel artistes.

Since when God was calling those artistes no one was there to bear witness, we can only respect and also rejoice when secular artistes repent from their saturnalia lifestyles and become gospel artistes. Unfortunately, when such secular artistes become gospel artistes, the remissness for them and their songs is as disappointing as the way Peter denied Jesus the Christ.

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