Praye Tietia Says He Is Not ‘A Fool Or Stupid’, He Just LOVES Selly Even After Her Live BANG On Big Brother Africa

I am not sure what is going on here but one thing is clear—-there is a thin line between love and absurdity, that is if we can call this love… A partner of over 4 years unilaterally decides to BANG another man on live TV, which she cowardly calls it—-MAKING OUT. Even if she claims … Read more

Big Brother Africa Season 8: The Chase Update-The Great Lie, Selly Says: ‘In fact, Nando And I Only Kissed!’

Selly Bonks Nando

During the week, Selly got thrown many questions from fellow housemates about her intimacy with Nando. And she proclaimed it was merely her game plan.

Well today, she is in tears because fellow housemates have continued gossiping about she and Nando’s ‘Tango’. In fact, the housemates just keep brewing up more and more rumours about she and Nando.

Today, Angelo decided to broach the subject again and Selly totally flared up. I guess her mood wasn’t as good as that of earlier. She was furious, and made it a point to stress that nothing at all happened between she and Nando! In fact, she said all they did was kiss. Really?  Big Brother has chosen to call her confession The Great Lie! Did we all watch the same video? Or perhaps Selly was fast asleep or dreaming during all that happened in the video?

She said the Diamond housemates like to gossip too much and spread lies. According to her, she is disappointed if Nando says they had “seks” because she knows nothing happens.

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Big Brother The Chase Update-Selly Says “Seks” With Nando Was Part Of Her Game

Poor Selly is probably regretting her scandalous intimacy with Nando because since the two lovers decided to ‘tango’, Nando has grown cold towards her and hardly minds her. The rest of the housemates have tiptoed around the issue for a while but seized a jovial moment to throw questions at Selly over her romance with … Read more