Selly Galley Is Not My Friend But I Love Prayer Tintin – Beverly Afaglo Expresses Her Dislike For Selly And Prayer Tiatia

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There was an obvious dislike between the Praye wives but none of them were bold enough to ‘fight with their chest’. At least not in public. Beverly Afaglo has decided that enough is enough and chose to spill the beans. Asked by Abeiku Santana as to whether they have beef going on, she had a … Read more

Selly Galley Gets Emotional In Celebrating Praye Tiatia On His Birthday


Finding someone who loves you for who you are and is willing to help you grow to be better is the biggest blessing to have in this century. Actress and TV host Selly Galley finds all these in her husband Cartel Big J. Cartel Big J aka Praye Tiatia is celebrating his birthday today and … Read more

Selly Galley & Praye Tiatia Were Forced to Engage Because She is PREGNANT | Remember Praye Tiatia Already Has 4 Children He Abandoned

Selly and Praye---Check for the pregnancy
Selly and Praye—Check for the pregnancy

A lot of people are celebrating or talking about the fact that former Big Brother Africa’s housemate-Selly Galley and her boyfriend-Praye Tiatia, now called Cartel Big J are engaged.

On the face of it, the two look happy and have willingly make a commendable step into their relationship. However, GhanaCelebrities.Com is told that, the engagement came off on the back of many weeks of fights and arguments caused by the fact that Selly got pregnant, unplanned.

A source close to Selly told us last night that, the pregnancy was unplanned and Praye Tiatia allegedly even threatened to abandon the relationship if she does not terminate it—since he was ready.

Of course Praye Tiatia seems not to be ready; considering the state of his career—but we are told, Selly did not buy into the threats.

Selly decided not to abort the pregnancy, allegedly saying, since Praye Tiatia already has 4 children with his previous wife, he therefore does not care if she [Selly] is able to give birth or not in the future and that’s why abortion has always been on his lips.

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