Award Winning Actress-Lydia Forson Is Back This Christmas With A Tripple Bang…

Lydia Forson
Lydia Forson

Somewhere before last year’s Christmas, Zedec Entertainment assembled some of the best Actors in the Africa movie industry-Desmond Elliot from Nigeria, veteran Actor “Katawere”, Lydia Forson, Anang Adjetey (Pusher), Senanu Gbedawuo and others for a mega Christmas production- Masquerades.

For some undisclosed reasons, the movie did not hit the market as advertised. Zedec Entertainment decided to hold the movie up till next Christmas. See how time flies…We are few weeks to Christmas and GhanaCelebrities.Com is reliably informed that the movie ‘Masquerades’ is finally going to be released.

MASQUERADES’ is a hilarious family comedy that explores today’s contemporary family life during Christmas.After several years apart a family is finally drawn home to their first Christmas by a tragedy;their uncle is recently deceased and they are charged with the responsibility of burying him.

The funeral expenses pile up; and in pursuit of social status each of the family members are determined to maintain a lifestyle that will compliment how rich they ‘claim’  to be.

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