Separating the B*tches from the Goodies…



For long, we’ve been told that appearance can be deceptive but when it comes to separating the b*tches from the goodies, appearance is the starting point.

Even though the first element that kick-starts attraction which mostly brings relationship into focus is embedded in appearance, increasingly, the true identity of b*tches can be loosely spotted in their appearances.

Over time, I have come to buy into the unfounded notion that, if you want to easily establish how nasty a woman can get, just look at how ugly she dresses—and if you want to ascertain how cheap a woman is, just consider how cheaply she treats her own body.

You should not expect to see fully covered women in this day and age, especially if you do not live in Saudi Arabia but surely, we all expect that the exercise of the freedom of choice as to what to wear should reflect the conscience of that individual.

It is therefore not a mistake or contemptuous to equate the way and manner a woman dresses to the principles upon which her conscience, morals and behaviour germinate from.

Personally, I have issues with people who try so hard to ‘disassociate’ the dress from the person wearing it on the grounds that, a person’s appearance to a greater extent tells us about her hidden conscience and self-pride.

To be a b*tch or not is a matter of conscience and self-pride which every woman has autonomy over—but most women are gradually letting go this conscience in the name of unnecessary ‘wildness’ and their desire to over express their right to choose.

The concept of nakedness and dressing to leave nothing to the imagination has become today’s norm, relegating to the background the sense of a woman’s pride, body imagine and the inherent desire to keep what is private as private.

Increasingly, you meet several women and within a minute, you’ve seen all that there is to hide about them—without making any effort apart from throwing your eyes up and down.

Sometimes, you may even be forced to throw the question; shouldn’t this woman be in the psychiatric hospital? It can’t just be that most of these women simply confuse places like the church, shopping malls, universities and bars for strip clubs and beaches.

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