Today is Red Friday: Sequel to #OccupyFlagstaff House

Red Friday
Red Friday

The ECOWAS Summit is in town, another fuel shortage is in the works, #OccupyFlagStaff House came and went without any meaningful change, and thus the organisers of the protest have decided that it is time to make their voices heard again.

The Concerned Ghanaians for Responsible Governance (CGRC), are complaining that the issues raised in the petition they presented on July 1 has not been addressed, therefore the new campaign ‘Red Friday’ is aimed at forcing government to adhere to the concerns raised about the state of the Ghanaian economy.

Under the campaign, workers are to wear red attire to dub the day, and Ghanaians are supposed to raise pertinent issues on social media using the hashtag #redfriday.

It is an innovative move, no doubt aimed at the significant drawing power of social media in this globalised environment. And indeed a cursory look on twitter already shows hundreds of tweets using the #redfriday hashtag.

No doubt there are a lot of issues on our minds, so you can head on over to any social medium and make your voice heard, we don’t know if anyone will listen but at least we’ll know we have tried.

The group CGRC released a statement on the #redfriday protest, signed by its secretary George Kojo Anti and addressed to the President, lining up the issues the group has with the running of our country now.

Below is the full statement on the Red Campaign from CGRG

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