Se*ually Connotative Inscriptions in Imported Dresses – Do They Have Physical And Spiritual Effects On The Wearers – Ghanaians?

black woman shirt


Since we live in a global world and also ‘variety is the spice of life,’ there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Ghana importing other countries costumes or dresses into our country – though we shouldn’t do so at our expense.

For over a decade now, there’s been an influx of short-size, eye-provoking, cleavage-popping and revealingly transparent western dresses into Ghana and it is worn mostly by the youth. The above described dresses have been condemned strongly by our older folks but the brazen attitudes of the youth, especially the females, gives importers of such dresses the urge to continuously import more and more of such dresses into the country.

Notwithstanding their indecency with respect to the size and textures of such dresses, come the inscriptions in them. Samples of these sexually explicit inscriptions noted at the back or front or both of some female tertiary students in the capital city by GhanaCelebrities.Com reads:

I don’t like seks, I like licking; Don’t love girls, love their pu**y; Give it to me in my an*s, not my vag**a; Wet me h*t; S**k my n**ples; C**e into my m**th; M*sturb*ti*n is my hobby; I’m a seks animal; Cheating is my hobby but love me so, amongst others.

However, dresses or shirts made by Ghanaian tailors and fabric designers do not have such sexually connotative inscriptions – which are somehow crude and vulgar. Yet, the very Ghanaians do not patronize our own manufactured shirts or dresses, making our textile industries and fabric designers, suffer.

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