Sharing With Caution: Let Us Bridle Our Tongue

Desperate black woman


We all have a past; we’re in the present but can’t say if we all have a future because how we deal with a past will determine if we’ll have a good, doomed or great future.

We tend to be very self-aware but we all have two selves – the private self (our own thoughts and feelings) and public self (the self we like to portray to everyone apart from the self; the one that creates good impression)…You can dispute it but it’s a fact. Even though we want to keep up appearances to the public, we equally take the good off our impression by divulging too much ‘unnecessary information’.

Sometimes, in our conversations with people, we talk and talk away without a care in the world because in our somewhere in our mind, the ‘who’ we’re talking to either matters or does not matter. It’s more like choosing who we want to respect and not to respect on the basis of what we ‘get from them’.

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