Shatta Wale Calls for Peace…Apologizes to Samini, Charter House & Everybody He Has Wronged

Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale says his new baby has given him a new mirror with which he looks at life differently—and as such, he has decided to make peace with everyone, including his arch rival-Samini.

In a long letter the self-acclaimed dancehall King posted on his facebook, he asked for forgiveness from everyone and specifically mentioned Mr. Ayoade and the staff of charter House and GhOne.

Knowing Shatta Wale, we hope he really means what he has written down—and it lasts.

Read his full letter below…

Every birth brings to every household good tidings and blessings. You and I brought joy on this plane and are blessings onto our folks and the universe as a whole. The instance i set eyes on MAJESTY, calm and peace went up my spine, his cries were distinct with words saying “make peace daddy” I have struggled with this message for a while and prayed over it. Anytime i held him in my arms those are the words that resounds in my soul.

I have been through a lot and thankful to the lord for all my trials and tribulations. He made me strong and has always won victory for me in the face of adversity. He’s kept his promise and has never disgraced me. He has in many ways spoken to me and I have listened.

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