Broken-Hearted Shatta Wale Begs Michy for A Reunion but She’s Moved On


Pained Shatta Wale, reeling from a broken heart, is stylishly begging baby mama Michy for a comeback. Homeboy has realised the grass is never greener on the other side as he imagined. Shatta had a good thing going with Michy for over a decade but decided to blow it up and chase even worse slay … Read more

Bitter Shatta Michy Throws Hot Shade As Shatta Wale and His New Girlfriend Chop Sweet Love

shatta wale new girlfriend michy

Shatta Wale unveiled a new girlfriend today and it seems to have pricked someone. By someone, we mean his baby mama, Shatta Michy. Michy has quickly jumped on social media to respond and she’s not that happy. We all thought she has quietly moved on and was enjoying her life with her new sugar daddy … Read more

Broken Hearted Shatta Wale Heavily Shades Michy As He Unveils His New B*tch – Photo

shatta wale michy

Shatta Wale has a new b*tch, literally – the dancehall king has gotten himself a female dog. When men are broken-hearted they run to creatures of comfort, with dogs being one of the best ones around. Shatta has never been the same since Michy left him, so he’s trying to get some love back in … Read more