I Bet You Have NEVER Seen This Side Of Moesha; Change Has Come Finally!


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Was She Inspired By The PEPPERDEM MINISTRY? Twitter User Proposes To His Girlfriend Only To Find Out He Has Been The Side Boo All Along


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George Clooney Shows Off His Wild Side By Taking Wife For A Ride On His Motorcycle


aa1954bd2261a0be_FFN_ROCSTARDMAC_CLOONEY_G_A_EXC_08192016_52150832_optNo matter where in the world they are or what they happen to be doing, this couple always manage to look so in love.
George Clooney sure is 55 but he certainly in no way giving up all the adventures all in the name of ageing. In his latest, the Oscar award wining actor is seen riding on a motorbike with his wife on the streets of LA.

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