Drunk in Love – Sister Derby Organises Secret DNA Test to Check Paternity of Queen Farcadi’s Child with David

sister derby dna farcadi

Busybody Sister Derby is so drunk in love that she’s apparently getting ready to disgrace herself again. Derby allegedly organised a DNA test to check the paternity of her boyfriend, David’s alleged child with Snapchat hookup legend Queen Farcadi. A close associate of Farcadi released this stunning piece of news, adding some alleged chats between … Read more

Jealous Queen Facardi Calls Sister Derby Barren As She Fights Dirty With Her Over Baby Daddy

queen farcadi sister derby

Queen Facadi keeps launching attacks on Sister Derby ever since she saw her baby daddy, David, in a happy relationship with her. There seem to be some jealousy buried deep in her heart and it manifests in the form of insults and silly comments for a woman who only saw the good in a man … Read more

Cheap Ash*wo Lying for Clout – Sister Derby Blasts Queen Farcadi After Claiming her New Man is her Baby Daddy

queen farcadi sister derby

Sister Derby has finally come out to comment on claims from Queen Farcadi that her new boyfriend is her baby daddy. The ‘African Mermaid’ did not hold back as she landed heavy blows on Queen Farcadi for daring to talk about her new man. In recent weeks, Sister Derby has been trending after finding a … Read more