“When She Stops Trolling Our MzBel, We Will Also Stop Trolling Her” – Ghanaians Reject Plea Deal to Stop Harassing iOna Reine

iona reine

iOna Reine is a Ghanaian singer who has been harshly criticized over her alleged betrayal of her former mentor, MzBel. The singer has been attacked for a minute after her relationship with MzBel went to shit, which is unlikely fixable. READ ALSO: Awurade Ma So – Jackie Appiah Humiliates Loud Nana Donkor For Shouting Too … Read more

‘SIAA TO! Fix Your Whole Body When You Get Money’ – Salma Mumin Jabs Adom FM’s Sister Sandy


Salma Mumin’s plan was to sneak to Turkey to have a body enhancement surgery but fortunately and unfortunately, that never happened. The information of her alleged body enhancement surgery in Turkey was leaked to Adom TV’s Sister Sandy who made it known on live television. READ ALSO: Unlike/Unfollow Me If You Followed Me Because Of … Read more

Salma Mumin’s Boyfriend Allegedly Pressuring Her To Fix A Huge Butt – Salma Is Currently In Turkey To Do Justice To That


This is hot gossip! And you should except beef following soon! Ghanaian actress Salma Mumin is reported to be on her way to fix huge butt sooner than later. READ ALSO: Pure City International School Founder Precious Senafiawo Wins Prestigious Noble Award for Men and Women of Integrity In West Africa According to Sister Sandy … Read more

VIDEO: Moesha Buduong Recently Travelled Abroad For Skin Glowing Injection – Adom FM’s Sister Sandy Reveals


Slay queen Moesha Buduong even though jobless but has been travelling across the globe for whatever ‘business’ she is into.

According to Adom TV’s Sister Sandy, Moesha Buduong’s recent travel had nothing to do with sightseeing but rather went for a skin glowing injection.

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PHOTOS: Blonde Bombshell Fella Makafui May Owe Her Landlady But She Can’t Stop Flaunting her ‘Tundra’ on Social Media


A day does not seem to go by in which actress Fella Makafui and her boyfriend, Medikal, fail to do something worthy of grabbing headlines.

Also due to the fact that they are always blowing their own horn, people also take delight in exposing them whenever they try to brag too much.

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