Nana Addo's Gay Comments Only Shows He Is Not The Christian He Made You Think He Is But He Is Politically Right – Selorm Tali


Nana Addo

Like Karl Marx said, “religion is the opium of the masses”, thereby, some politicians have mastered using it to win votes of those who think being or acting like a Christian means you are genuine and truthful. Akufo Addo makes a perfect example of such politicians with his Homos*xuality comments on Aljazeera.
According to the Bible, Homos*xuality just like any other sin infuriates God. However, Yahweh’s reaction to that type of sin is among the number of times He used extremely violent means to kill sinners purporting that such action is one of the unbearable things in His sight. Since He didn’t cause a fire to burn Adam and Eve or let them be eaten alive by some lions for disobeying Him and telling lies like Politicians do.

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