The Problem With Africa is US | South Africa’s Xenophobic in FOCUS

South Africa
South Africa

For most Africans, Africa is home. We are supposed to be a formidable force which cannot easily be broken. Leadership has failed us on many fronts, from the Kwamina Ansah’s who gave the Europeans access to his people just because of schnapp and gun powder to more recent nation wreckers we have now, something has gone wrong and the new generation has to fix it.

South Africa has started experiencing xenophobic attacks comparable to that of 2008 and the question is why does the South African government allow that to happen again? I think South Africa is experiencing a leadership crisis. Every time you hear of a place with a leadership crisis, blame the people.

The African National Congress (ANC) of South Africa has been the party in power for close to twenty years. Mandela set a very high standard of leadership even Europeans and Western leaders may never achieve in their lifetime and as a result of the hardwork and sacrifice by this great man, pre-apartheid and apartheid born South Africans feel eternally loyal to the ANC.

This has led to this point whereby even if ANC presents a dog as a flagbearer, South Africans are most likely to vote for it massively because to them the dog is Mandela. So at this point you have a corrupt, incompetent person like Jacob Zuma leading such a potential super power. (The sentences might be close but I am in no way saying Jacob Zuma is the dog)

Post apartheid ‘babies’ need to begin a revolution not necessarily by voting Julius Malema (He’s probably just bitter about leaving ANC) but by identifying good leadership material and giving such people their support.

I don’t understand why and how people think you are exaggerating or being too melodramatic when you say corruption and bad leadership is a national security threat. A typical example is South Africa. The sad fact however is that the frustration is not meted out on the bad leaders but rather on innocent people. This is a country which not too long ago was fighting discrimination on the basis of colour, a fight which almost every African country joined in diverse forms. Now here is the irony, today it’s a crime to be a black African in South Africa and who are doing the hunting? Black South Africans! South Africans should bow their heads in shame and ensure this menace stops and never happens again. It is absolutely ludicrous, and the highest form of cowardice to blame black foreigners for causing the economic problems.

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