Stowaway From South Africa Falls From A British Airways Plane As It Makes Its Way to Heathrow in London | Another Found Safe Under the Plane

British Airways
British Airways

From the North of Africa to even the so called developed-South Africa, human beings are desperate to make it to Europe—and they would risk their lives to take up this life dream.

If Africans are not dying on the sea in an attempt to make it to Europe, we are falling from the skies as we try to smuggle ourselves into an European country, hiding under an aeroplane.

A suspected stowaway was found dead on the roof of a London office block after plunging from a jumbo jet as it approached Heathrow Airport, reports MailOnline.

The website adds that, “The man’s body was discovered on top of the offices of, which is on a busy road in the south-west of the capital.

Another stowaway survived the 8,000-mile flight from South Africa by holding on to the undercarriage of a British Airways Boeing 747 before being taken to hospital where he is said to be in a ‘serious’ condition.

It is believed the two men sneaked on to flight BA0054 before it set off from Johannesburg airport on Wednesday evening.

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