Study Shows More Ghanaian Youth Are Contracting HIV/AIDS


A new study by the Ghana Aids Commission has shown that more Ghanaian youth are contracting HIV/AIDS than any other demographic in the population.

The survey, with disturbing implications for the continent with the highest prevalence rate, reveals Ghanaian youth (defined as between ages 15 to 24), stand at 50% risk of contracting the virus.

According to Starrfmonline:

More Ghanaian youth are contracting HIV/AIDS, a new survey conducted by the Ghana Aids commission has revealed.

The survey which was conducted last year also indicates that about 50% of the youth population is at risk of new infections.

Ghana’s general prevalence rate is however stabilizing, the survey noted.

Launching the survey in Accra Tuesday, deputy head of policy at the health ministry Emmanuel Ankrah said more efforts must be made to contain the rate of infection among the youth.

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