‘My Husband Is My Back Bone And Pillar; I Owe Him My Success’- Stacey Amoateng


Marriage indeed is beautiful with the right person and knowing that you have that special someone you can go to with it all is just as priceless. That possibly is how TV host Stacey Amoateng feels about her husband. She says he is her everything. READ ALSO: Becca Was ‘Homeless’ At A Point- Becca’s Mother … Read more

Motivational Message Of The Week: There Is Only One TRUE Success In Life..Go For That!

Success is relative but underneath its relativity lies the shocking truth. As humans, we diversely chase success each day via different techniques, hoping to grab the success we deserve in our lives.
Our chase will continue until we realize the truth behind success. Most people have died with millions hanging in their bank accounts and yet did not find the success they desired in life.
Richness therefore is not the TRUE meaning of success…Neither is having countless children or no children the ultimate success. We can achieve all the material things in life and yet find no fulfilment or success in all of them.
Despite success’ relativity, one thing which is certain is that, TRUE success taints the rules of relativity. It applies to each and every person. We can all find fulfilment, happiness and comfort when we hit TRUE success.

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Motivational Message Of The Week: Strength Does Not Come From Winning But From…


All successful and well doing men have something in common. Their success is grounded on strength-the foundation upon which they have built their empires and glory.

Even the great Kings and Emperors who were able to hold their Kingdoms and Empires together for substantial number of years had the all important trace of strength. Without strength, success will never be achieved.

If our success is dependent on our strength, would it therefore not be prudent that we clearly understand and acknowledge the source of our strength? After all, without it, we will never realize our desire success.

Despite the importance of strength in achieving success, the very people who are bent on obtaining success always misplace the source of strength. Most of us do not achieve the success we desire because we lack the strength needed to obtain it.

Those who are smart enough to acknowledge the role strength plays in achieving success also focus on the wrong source. Therefore, they are never able to gather the required strength needed to gravitate towards success.

The commonly existing misconception about strength is, many are of the view that our strength comes from winning. I have heard several people saying, ‘they get stronger the more they win or their strength comes from winning’. Wrong… In fact, you somehow get weaker the more you win.

The incongruent relationship between strength and winning was well noted by Mahatma Gandhi who brilliantly captured it as “Strength does not come from winning. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

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Motivational Message Of The Week: The Difference Between A Successful Person & The Others…


If Success was subjected to the mechanics of Physics, it would have been placed close to gravity or magnetic force. It has a very strong worldwide pull factor. Even though success is said to be relative, it is the ultimate dream of all, despite its relativity.

We all strive to achieve Success in whatever we do. Our daily efforts in live is considerably geared towards achieving success. The prestige attached to Success and the joy it sprinkles over our lives when achieved show how important the concept of Success is to the development of mankind.

I am sure you are aware and might be practicing one of the various tricks, doctrines and tenets supposed to help you fetch success in what you are doing. The dicey nature of success together with the various lousy teachers and materials available on achieving “Success” have impacted greatly on our inability to make a grab on Miss Success.

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