‘Suicide Squad’ Review: A Group of Meta-Humans Fighting for the Interest of the State in A Plot-less Heavily Computerised Chaotic Film—Much More Like A Recorded Grenade-Themed Computer Game

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad

Written and directed by David Ayer, “Suicide Squad” is plotless and chaotic—-so bad that I had to keep stuffing Doritos into my mouth just to stay awake throughout the movie.

It’s perhaps the worst I’ve seen so far in the cinema this year: the chaotic fighting between meta-humans and evil spirits turned into some sort of futurist machines comes no where close to being an interesting fantasy.

It is just like watching a recorded video game full of grenades and heavy weapons having been played by a clueless child whose keen interest was to see the screen in flames.

‘Suicide Squad” is that extensively pathetic.

It does not lose its bearings mid way or at the end, it just has no direction or even a weak plot, worse than “Fantastic Four”.

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