Moesha Clears The Air; She Says She Has Never Been On Twitter And Never Took A Swipe President Nana Addo

It looks like someone wants to dent actress Moesha Budoung’s hard-earned reputation (sarcasm intended). There is a tweet by her. In the tweet, she takes a swipe at the president except that Moesha says she is not the person behind that account. 

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Counsellor Lutterodt Takes An Untoward Swipe At Captain Planet And Wife Uche


What does Counselor Lutterodt do again? because we have honestly forgotten what he is about—looks like lately all that he does is to move from one church to radio and to the next carrying and spewing garbage. The leader of the music trio 4 X 4, Captain Planet got married to Uche Ofodile on June … Read more