Video – Princess Shyngle’s SCAM Exposed As her Tapoli Waist Is Shown to Be Completely FAKE – Her Actual Body Shape Is Like A Baloon!


Some Ghanaian ladies are out there killing themselves to look like Princess Shyngle – not knowing Princess Shyngle herself doesn’t look like Princess Shyngle. Shyngle actually looks like some inflatable balloon toy and not the tapoli shaped Princess we’ve all been seeing. READ ALSO: Maame Serwaa Models In Her Newly Developed Curves – Looks Amazing … Read more

When The Tapoli Waist Is Not Enough Or Dubai Is Lesser than Greece – Once Again Another Ashawobrity Proves NEVER Believe Everything You See On Social Media – GODWIN OKINE Writes


The pressure is real. As if the adage don’t believe everything you see on social media has not been proven enough, there comes Princess Shyngle to prove it for us all over again. Once again, if you’re feeling unsatisfied with your life because of what you see these slay queens splashing over social media, don’t! … Read more

‘One Side is Deeper than the Other’ – Social Media Calls Out Princess Shyngle for Photoshopping her Tapoli Waist to Look Skinnier – CHECK


On Thursday night, Princess Shyngle uploaded a photo of herself which has gotten social media talking nonstop over how scary it looks. In the photo, Shyngle’s legendary ‘tapoli waist’ is looking even skinnier than usual, making her body even more ungainly and sparking fears that she’s harming her body. However, in comments reacting to the … Read more

Tapoli Waisted Barbie Princess Shyngle Is Going Back to School – Maybe To Find Some Actual Talent

princess shyngle no makeup

You hear something new every day. Ghana’s infamous ‘tapoli waisted’ barbie Princess Shyngle is going back to school. The actress revealed in a post on social media that she’s on her way to film school this summer. READ ALSO: Jesus Christ Of Our Days – Rev Obofour Welcomed By A Whole Multitude To New York … Read more