TED 2 Review | It’s The Usual Foul Mouth Ted & His Best Friend-Mark Wahlberg Against ‘Political Correctness’

Ted 2
Ted 2

Seth MacFarlane himself wouldn’t dare say TED 2 is anything close to his first installment when it comes to real comedy—but he surely uses TED 2 to clap back at his critics, making TED 2 seem more like a dry spoof.

Of course there wouldn’t be Ted without his best friend-John Bennett (played by Mark Wahlberg) and the two wouldn’t be such great buddies if they did not share the same insane DNA full of foul language—and enjoy the same illicit interest of smoking their brains out.

TED 2 kicks off with Ted, the talking Teddy bear wedding his girlfriend-Tami-Lynn ( played by Jessica Barth) and a marriage hoped to bring peace later turns into constant fights—and exchange of strong language. You may succeed in throwing some few foul words at TED but never expect to win; his character is a legend in that sector and he does not even spare his neighbours…

On the other hand, TED’s best friend-John Bennett is divorced from Lori Collins for six months and has lost interest in getting back into the game—having found deep solace in a new world of adult movies.  But that was short lived when TED stumbled on his thousands of collections—the two then decided to get rid of those movies, in an unexpected way.

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