The Agony Of ChildBirth Scares The HELL Out Of Me!

crying baby


The first day I read and fully understood the pains of childbirth, my mouth hung out open for so long, I’m pretty sure it was completely dried up of all moisture! It makes me seriously want to reconsider having babies.

I love babies… to a fault even. I love their innocent stares and their adorable toothless smiles. I love their tiny feet and their senseless babblings. They are my biggest ‘weakness’ but I cannot even begin to imagine the pain every mother has to go through to get those ‘harmless’ bundles out of their bellies.

It is INDEED a miracle! There is absolutely no question about it! To some extent, a few young ladies (who have never been mothers before) can understand what pain means because that time of the month can be excruciating. I know someone that had to be admitted every month because of it and yet research shows that mothers go through three times that! Unbelievable!

So the big question here is why do they even bother? Especially the surrogate mothers that make a living off that agony! All I can say is that the level of respect that I have for mothers goes way beyond measure.

At this juncture, I would like to say to all of you who do not know how to appreciate your mothers, or have by any chance given your mothers reason to be happy, it’s not too late to turn over a new leaf. They deserve ALL the love in this world for all the hustle you put them through at birth, not counting the smelly diapers, sicknesses and endless crying! It makes me want to pull out my hair for all the many times I gave my mother trouble.

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