I Waited for More Than Two Hours to Just Buy A Bread At the Bakery Inside Achimota Retail Center & They Say It's Normal


the Bakery Inside Achimota Retail Center
the Bakery Inside Achimota Retail Center

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The one ingredient every successful bakery and any other business as a matter of fact needs is customers. I might not know much but I know happy customers become repeat customers.
It is becoming a common norm in Ghana to see most business owners putting all their efforts into attracting customers but they hardly do anything to retain them. Their actions and inactions most of the time result in them losing touch with their customers.
The Bakery, a shop located inside the Achimota Retail Center, is the latest to join in the club of businesses who don’t really give a hoot about customer service because they think they will always have people patronising their products.
Imagine the stress of being in a queue for over an hour and half just to be able to buy a loaf of bread on a number of occasions. That is exactly what Owusu says he went through at the bakery when he went to buy a loaf of bread for himself and his family.

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