'The Legend of Tarzan' Review: A Remake That’s Far From the Tarzan We Fell in Love With


Alexander Skarsgård in Tarzan
Alexander Skarsgård in Tarzan

The popular English adage; “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” perfectly captures the feeling I walked out of the cinema with after about 2 hours of a 3D journey, watching director David Yates’ remark of Tarzan—-the jungle being whose connection with the jungle animals in the original film was so touching that a separation got some people teary.
This time we are dealing with a fully grown civilised Tarzan; yet he could still swing, connect with the animals and had a great rapport with the villagers stationed near the jungle where he grew up—-but there were deeper problems with the remake, as attempts through flash backs to take audience back to how Tarzan came about awfully fails.
For the many times that Tarzan’s former existence as a younger jungle man was shown, he was depicted as fully shaven, sleek, semi-clothed and the emotional connection between him and the animals couldn’t be fetched. The magic was missing…
But that was Tarzan then—-now, he is John Clayton, Lord of Greystoke (played by Alexander Skarsgård), married to an American-Jane (played Margot Robbie) who saved his life when ironically he tried to save her while a resident of the dangerous yet wonderful jungle. 

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