DID YOU KNOW THAT: The Less You Sleep the More You Eat?

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For those looking to loose weight, how long you sleep for has a direct effect on how much you eat—consequently on how much weight you can loose.

According to a new analysis of the relationship between sleep and food, the less shut-eye a person gets, the more they eat and this can lead to problems like obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease in the long run, the researchers added.

Apparently, when a person is tired, the hormones controlling appetite are affected, so that person feels more hungry.

Writing in the Journal of Health Psychology, the study’s authors, Alyssa Lundahl and Timothy D Nelson, of the University of Nebraska, said: ‘It is well recognised that food intake is implicated in many chronic health issues including obesity, diabetes and heart disease, and diet is often a target of treatment to prevent the onset of these conditions.

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