Former British Actor Wanted In Ghana Over Airbus Bribery Scandal


British newspapers are reporting that a popular British actor is being sought for questioning in Ghana in connection with the Airbus bribery scandal. The Sun and The Daily Mail report that Philip Middlemiss, 55 is being sought after by the Ghana Police for his role in the £5 million Airbus bribery scandal. The former actor … Read more

British Man In Hot Water With His Wife After He Contracted Coronavirus On A Secret Trip to Italy with His Sidechick


A married British man has found himself in some hot water after he returned from a ‘business trip’ to Italy with the coronavirus! The gentleman in question told his wife he was going on a business trip in the country but then secretly flew to Italy to enjoy some quality time with his mistress. READ … Read more

A Father Realises After A Year That His Wife Swapped His Sp*rms In The Clinic To That Of Her Lover Because…


A Russian man whose name has been given as Maxim Anokhin has sued  IVF clinic after his wife had admitted that she swapped his sp*rms to that of her lover when it was still under treatment in the clinic. READ ALSO: History Has Been Made- King Promise Finally Wears A Sneaker That Is Not ‘BIGGER’ Than Him According … Read more