Back Off! – Hollywood Star Tom Hanks Fights Fans After One Bumped Into His Wife


Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks showed his ugly side to some fans who mistakenly tipped his wife Rita Wilson to the ground. The incident happened when Mr. Cool guy and his wife Rita were walking to their car on Wednesday night in New York City. READ ALSO: She Sent The Video To Her Boyfriend Whilst Wearing … Read more

Check Out The Sweet Thing Tom Hanks Did For This 8 Years Old Boy Who Is Being Bullied Because His Name Is Corona


Hollywood finest Tom Hanks who got infected with Covid-19 whiles he was shooting a movie in Australia last month has done the sweetest thing for an eight years old Aussie boy. READ ALSO: Omoni And Nnamdi Serving Us Goals As They Couple Dance In This VIDEO The young boy whose name has been given as … Read more

It Is absolutely Bullsh!t- Idris Elba Reacts To Allegations That He Was Paid To Say He Has Covid-19


Lots of your favorite celebrities have tested positive for Covid-19 with some crossing over to the other side of life. Since the break of the pandemic, Idris Elba, Andy Cohen, Tom Hanks, Kevin Durant, Sabrina, amongst others have tested positive for the virus and whilst we have continuously prayed for them to get better… READ … Read more

After Days Of Suffering Covid-19, Tom Hanks Returns To Update Us On How He Is Feeling Now- Tweet


Five days ago, Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson tested positive for Covid-19 in Australia while shooting a movie. The actor shared the bad news with his fans, assuring us that they are responding to treatment and also advising us to be extra careful out there. READ ALSO: Finally, Idris Elba’s Wife … Read more

All the Famous Celebrities Around the World Who Have Contracted Coronavirus – Those You’ve Heard Of and Those You Didn’t – Video


COVID-19 – the illness caused by the virus SARS-COV-2 and colloquially known as the coronavirus – has completely taken over the world. The virus, which has risen to the level of a pandemic, has affected almost every country on the planet. READ ALSO: The Devil Is Ruling the World and Causing Diseases – Dag Heward-Mills … Read more

VIDEO: Tom Hanks Hosts Third Saturday Night Live Debate Parody Featuring Alec Baldwin's Unbelievable Donald Trump Portrayal


Saturday Night Live had their last Presidential debate of this election cycle to lampoon over the weekend, and they pulled all the stops to make it a memorable one.
Tom Hanks was brought in to play debate moderator Chris Wallace, and Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon brought their ‘A’ Trump and Clinton portrayals.

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