TOP 10 Most Influential Ghanaian Music Artists of All Time | Samini In…Shatta Wale Out


In Ghana, there have been several musicians who have eased pain, helped partners make better love, comforted mourning hearts and even more importantly made this country and continent a bit more bearable.

Today I’d like to share with you my list of most influential, male, Ghanaian music artists of all time. I feel the list could be extended to 20 or 50 because there have been some extraordinary talents but I’ve narrowed this list to

10. Sarkodie

Mr. Obidi aka Sark aka money no be problem. First of all considering the fact that he isn’t yet thirty years and where his humble beginnings were, I’ve got to give some credit to this dude. He started out as a hard hitting rapper with deadly punchlines, the boy who just wanted to rap.

However over the years, whether by default or on purpose, Mr. Michael Owusu Addo has turned into quite a brand which we all know as Sarkodie with a rising value. With the total number of awards and nominations on the local and international scene hitting the 70’s and counting, you will assume he should rank higher but not in my list (afterall me na me kura platform no, me na me kasa yetie).

For crying out loud he has 3 albums, that isn’t something I should be excited about. He made it on my list because he has put Ghana on the map whether you like him or not. He seemed to have meandered his way through the crowd to become the forerunner precisely, the colour party Lieutenant of the Azonto Revolution.

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