Top Ghanaian Musicians Who Are Struggling for a Come Back!


The Ghana music industry has really come a long way. Each week, we are being greeted by hit tracks from our well known musicians. Music, like writing, isn’t easy as others might think. For an artiste to come out with great tunes, it requires passion, creativity, etc on the part of him or her.

We’ve come across several musicians globally who compose good songs, but fade out from the system as time passes. Ghana, as a country is not an exception. There have been some musicians who were doing awesome in the game, but now ‘struggling’ to make hits. Let’s take a look at some of them.


The man who studied journalism, turned rapper is one of the brilliant musicians and songwriters the country has produced. Coming into the limelight with ‘Give Me Blow’, Asem was very consistent in the delivery of hit songs. With his background in communication, he has control over words and very good at throwing punch lines.

However, after releasing ‘Bye Bye’ which he featured Kwabena Kwabena, Asem has been struggling to come out with great tunes. With fans not patronising his songs as they used to, he even went ahead to put his latest album (Tough Times Don’t Last) on internet for free download.

Tic Tac

“Philomena Kpiting3, g33g3.” Any individual who has followed Hiplife from the 90s will be familiar with this phrase in Tic Tac’s ‘Philomena’ track. As one of the pioneers of Hiplife, he has contributed immensely to the success of the genre.

Tic Tac has many great songs to his credit. I remember how one of his songs (Kwani Kwani) brought myself and a girl together when I was a small boy. Tic Tac has tried to remain relevant in the game in terms of songs, but unfortunate for him, his new releases are really ‘hustling’ to make it to the top.

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