‘If You’re Looking for the Biggest Scam In Ghana It’s the NPP’ – A Plus Goes on the Rampage and Reveals How Gov’t Collapsed Both Menzgold and uniBank


A Plus has completed his transition from showbiz into full-time politics but unlike some of the celebrities joining the top two parties to join the immediate ‘waa waa’ chopping, he’s trying to start a new political movement to depose those two paristic infections called NDC and NPP. A Plus’ The People’s Party (TPP) is making … Read more

Kwame A Plus Writes – The Youth of Today Must Change their Attitudes If They Are to Become Better Leaders Than the Hopeless One We Currently Have


Musician/political activist A Plus writes… Those of us calling for the youth to take over must not pretend the youth have not had multiple opportunities to be part of governance in Ghana. Young people over the years have played significant roles in every government. The old men and women you see today were the same … Read more