Tracey Boakye’s Customised Birthday Lexus Does Not Belong to Her – Details Pop Up

tracey boakye birthday

And it all came crumbling down! Tracey Boakye‘s web of deceit for her birthday is already unravelling. The actress unveiled a supposed brand new Lexus SUV for her birthday. The vehicle had a customised number plate, TB-22-22 – to tell us it was a brand new, 2022 version of the Lexus and already registered in … Read more

Nkurasi Life Sei! – Fans Blast Tracey Boakye As She’s Spotted with her New Car Seats Still Covered with Rubber


Actress Tracey Boakye has once again come under open fire from social media users as she continues to display her village lifestyle. There is little Tracey does that shows any sort of natural class. She always tries her best to escape her roots but as someone said on social media: “you can get a villager … Read more

Don’t Hate On My Success, Ask Me How I Did It – Tracey Boakye Brags As She Flaunts New Porsche

tracey boakye car

Tracey Boakye has fired missiles at her ‘haters’ who call her out for selling her coochie for success, something she confirms or denies depending on her mood. She looks like she’s currently in the denial mood. Tracey Boakye says she’s successful in life and instead of people getting close to her to learn how she … Read more