See Legs Like Aflata for Kenkey – Netizens Roast Tracey Boakye as her Wrinkled Feet and Borla Slippers Causes Stir

tracey boakye feet

It’s been a while since this happened, but Tracey Boakye is being roasted by netizens once again over her infamous dinosaur feet. Tracey dropped a photo that was beautifully filtered to slay online, but she forgot about her feet and netizens zoomed in on that and that’s where the trouble started. Filtering photos is standard … Read more

Tracey Boakye’s Dinosaur Feet Embarrasses her As It Forcibly Pops Out of her Shoes – Fans Mock Her

tracey boakye feet

Tracey Boakye‘s infamous dinosaur legs have gotten her into trouble once again as they refuse to relax in her shoes. Tracey appeared at a recent program in shoes showing off her legs, which often have not been very flattering to her. Whenever we see Tracey’s feet, they look too large, scaly and flat out scary. … Read more