Tracey Boakye Suffers Dislocated Thigh In Another Shameless Editing Gone Wrong – Photo

tracey boakye edited photo

Actress Tracey Boakye has once again embarrassed herself with her shameless need to appear perfect in her social media photos. Not for the first time, she has taken the editing to a nonsensical level and ended up transforming her body into something its not. The last time she tried this, she literally turned herself into … Read more

Laughable Tracey Boakye Turns Herself Into A Cartoon In Highly Edited and Photoshopped PHOTO

tracey boakye dress

Tracey Boakye has magically turned into a cartoon in a photo that is so laughably edited and photoshopped, it takes one second to spot it. The desperation from the ‘ashawobrity’ class to escape from their real selves has no end. They fake everything online – their wealth, their homes, their cars – whatever you see … Read more

Tracey Boakye Busted After Overediting her Photo to Look Curvy Making her Arms Look Like Chopsticks – Photo


Tracey Boakye is once more in the sights of social media users as they lambast her for her wack fashion sense and overediting her photos. No celebrity in Ghana suffers from social media critiques than Tracey Boakye. Aside from criticising her over her laughable claims to be rich, another easy criticism of hers is her … Read more