Check Her Life And Mine And See Who Deserves To Snatch Whose Man – Tracey Boakye Reacts To Claims Of Snatching Dr Kwaku Oteng


Baby Mama Producer, Actress Tracey Boakye has reacted to claims of snatching Dr Kwaku Oteng from Akua GMB. A few days ago, there were reports about the master plan Tracey picked to be able to snatch her former bestie, Akua GMB’s husband, Dr Kwaku Oteng. It was revealed that Tracey actually recorded Akua GMB’s chats … Read more

I’m Not Here To Prove A Point Because Of You – Akua GMB Shades Tracey Boakye


There is some sort of friction between Actress Tracey Boakye and Akua GMB – although none of the two ladies has boldly owned up to despising the other, observers are fully aware of the matter. Actress Tracey Boakye is reported to have played her former bestie, Akua GMB and snatched her husband. READ ALSO: 32 … Read more

Tracey Boakye Busted After Overediting her Photo to Look Curvy Making her Arms Look Like Chopsticks – Photo


Tracey Boakye is once more in the sights of social media users as they lambast her for her wack fashion sense and overediting her photos. No celebrity in Ghana suffers from social media critiques than Tracey Boakye. Aside from criticising her over her laughable claims to be rich, another easy criticism of hers is her … Read more

You’re In Trouble – Fans Tell Ola Michael After Calling Tracey Boakye Borla Bird And Afia Schwar Fufu Funu


Entertainment analyst, Ola Michael will soon have his own share of Afia Schwarzenegger’s insult considering a video that has surfaced on social media. Ola has called Tracey Boakye borla bird and Afia Schwarzenegger fufu fufu although he knows that they two personalities detest the name and have recently fought Delay over that. On the Entertainment … Read more

New Details Of How Borla Bird Snitched On Akua GMB To Millionaire Dr Kwaku Oteng And Finally Became His Mistress


People have said that Actress Tracey Boakye is a wicked woman with an evil heart! Ayisha Modi said that and controversial blogger, Those-Called-Celebs has also said it over and over! Apparently, Tracey Boakye aka Borla Bird is not someone that anybody can trust all – she’s not worthy of a genuine friendship because she is … Read more

Diehard Fan Gets Ugly Tattoo Of Tracey Boakye And Her Children At The Back – Video


While some hate and troll Tracey Boakye, others are pledging their allegiance to the actress. A second crazy fan of Tracey Boakye has tattooed the actress and her entire family on his back. Few weeks ago, a fan got a tattoo of Tracey and the actress promised to surprise the fan. READ ALSO: ‘Insult On … Read more

Giving Birth with Someone’s Husband Is Not A Job – Empress Gifty Blasts Tracey Boakye

empress gifty tracey boakye

Gospel singer Gifty Osei has descended on side chicks who claim to be ‘entrepreneurs’ but are only just interested in sleeping with married men. According to her, sleeping with married men is not a job! Adorye took these slay queens to the cleaners in a video of her speaking from a tv studio. Apparently, she … Read more

‘Agradaa Pro Max’ – Tracey Boakye Trolled Over Unnecessary Gold Decor After Flaunting her Room to Tease Delay


Tracey Boakye has taken to Instagram to flaunt her house and claim she’s too rich. The self-acclaimed East Legon landlady is doing the only thing she knows how to do when in a beef. She talks on and on and on about how rich she is! If the word rich didn’t exist, we don’t know … Read more

Revealed – Tracey Boakye Speaks On Why Delay Is Suddenly Hating On Her


Yesterday was a content packed day as media personality Delay shook the entire social media landscape with more accolades herself and roasted Tracey Boakye, Afia Schwar and Diamond Appiah all together. In one of her interviews, Delay ran her usual record introduction for herself. This time around, Delay took a swipe on our self-acclaimed rich … Read more

Only In Ghana Will You See A ‘Rich’ Woman Wearing Ghc 10 Clothes – Ayisha Modi Jumps on Borla Bird

ayisha modi tracey boakye

As Tracey Boakye, Afia Schwarzenegger and Diamond Appiah gang up to try and face the might of Almighty Delay, Ayisha Modi has jumped into the fray. Modi has taken shots at the three musketeers in an epic rant on her Instagram page. Modi throws hot bullets at Afia Schwarzenegger and Tracey Boakye the self-acclaimed Borla … Read more

Tracey Boakye In Trouble Again for Wearing ‘Trash’ Outfit – Fans Troll Her

tracey boakye dress

Actress Tracey Boakye has arguably the worst fashion sense in history and fans love reminding her about it. Things become even worse when she tries to look good by going for some outrageous outfits – she ends up making things look worse than ever. Our favourite East Legon landlady is back on the chopping board … Read more

PHOTOS of the Day: Nana Ama McBrown, Osebo, Wendy Shay, Tracey, Joselyn Dumas…

photos of the day

Another day has passed by and GhanaCelebrities.Com has gathered the best photos from the gram for your perusal. You know how our celebrities do it! They can’t go a day without filling Instagram with their best shots for clout. Many top celebrities have posted today, from Osebo the skirt wearer to Nana Ama Mcbrown, Wendy … Read more

Tracey Boakye Contracted Diabetes During Pregnancy But It’s Gone Now – Full Gist

tracey boakye diabetes

Ayisha Modi caused a stir Monday when she accused Tracey Boakye of having contracted diabetes in the latest round of their never-ending celebrity beefs. The Stonebwoy lover accused Tracey of contracting diabetes in response to Tracey mocking her under almost every post Afia Schwarzenegger shared attacking Ayisha. Tracey Boakye gave a lame response to the … Read more

Our Beloved Borla Bird Allegedly Has Diabetes Which Stops her From Fixing her Body – Full Details


Ghana’s beloved ‘Borla Bird’ allegedly suffers from diabetes, which is what prevents her from joining the list of Ghanaian celebrities who have gone under the knife. Ayisha Modi has a battle ongoing with Afia Schwarzenegger and Tracey Boakye right now. She has been taking shots at them all day and they have also been clapping … Read more

MANIC MONDAY – Diamond’s Audio Real Estate Coup, Tracey Boakye’s 40k Audio Donation and All the Showbiz Gist That Happened Over the Weekend


It’s a new week and we are getting ready to go forward and face it with strength and courage. In the real world, people are working hard to survive in this hot Ghana. But on social media, our celebrities continue to live in and enjoy their audio lives. On MANIC MONDAYS, GhanaCelebrities.Com would bring out … Read more

Tracey Boakye Spoils Herself in Dubai – Video Drops

tracey boakye dubai

The great East Legon landlady, queen of the slay queens and lord of ‘Papa No-ism’, Tracey Boakye, is still in Dubai on vacation. Tracey Boakye hit the Gulf State for a vacation, apparently as a gift to her son who recently celebrated his birthday. Life is so good for Tracey, she takes foreign trips like … Read more

I Brag Differently – Tracey Boakye Blows Dollars Shopping For Daughter In Dubai – Video


Ghanaian actress Tracey Boakye has her bragging cap fitted firm on her head this week. Tracey took her nuclear family on a holiday trip to the luxury city of Dubai and she has now been spotted showing off her wealth again in a video gone viral. The video making rounds on social media saw Tracey … Read more

Business Is Booming! – Photos of Tracey Boakye’s New $310,000 Mansion In Ridge

tracey boakye cars mansions

From East Legon landlady to Ridge landlady – business is truly booming for our beloved ‘borla bird’ (BB). Tracey Boakye is alleged to have acquired a new mansion to add to the list of properties she allegedly already owns in Ghana. We say allegedly because everyone knows it’s easy to own properties on social media … Read more

East Legon Landlady Tracey Boakye Flies Her Son Outside To Mark His Birthday


East Legon landlady, Tracey Boakye is celebrating the birthday of her first fruit. Her first child, Nana Kwaku Yahaya is plus one today, Friday 27th August 2021. Prior to this day, Tracey Boakye had announced that she’s ready to blow up our minds with her son’s birthday celebration. READ ALSO: Delay Defends Asamoah Gyan Over … Read more

‘I’m Not Your Regular Born Two’ – East Legon Landlady Tracey Boakye Claims As She Shows Wealth


Actress Tracey Boakye has said that there are levels of baby mamas and she’s definitely not the regular type. The mother of two claims she’s not one of those regular born two ladies but one of a kind because of her cash. READ ALSO: We Are Chilling And You’re Bleeding – Ghanaian Gays In Germany … Read more

Ungrateful Iona Joins Tracey Boakye And Afia Schwarzenegger To Mock MzBel – Video


If there is a poster girl for “biting the hand that fed you”, Iona will be a leading contender. Some people will never have shame and that’s just how they are.  Afia Schwarzenegger decided to throw a party for her sons who drunk champagne the whole night after her boasting of not having alcoholic kids. … Read more

Diamond Appiah Goes Savage As She Takes Down Mzbel and Ayisha Modi In One Expose

diamond appiah ayisha

Diamond Appiah has gone savage on Instagram this morning taking shots at Mzbel and Ayisha Modi. Diamond is taking loyalty to an extreme angle, fighting people who are yet to say a word about her because she feels they are attacking friends of hers. Ayisha Modi has been fighting Afia Schwarzenegger in a deadly battle … Read more

Loyal Fan Shows Tracey Boakye Mad Love As She Tattoos Her Face On Her Back – Video


Actress and producer, Tracey Boakye is overwhelmed with emotions after a loyal fan inked her beautiful face at her back. A fan of Tracey Boakye has shown massive love as she has tattooed the actress on her back. In a video shared by Tracey, the unidentified lady is seen sitting calm whilst the tattoo artist … Read more

Moesha Boduong Pops Up Back Online Looking Cute and Fresh – Photo Drops

moesha repent

It has been a very, very, long time since we spotted Moesha Boduong on social media- but it appears she’s making a reappearance. One of Moesha’s closest friends, Tracey Boakye, is trying to keep her in the hearts and minds of the fans by resurrecting one of her most adorable photos. The photo features Tracey, … Read more

Ayisha Modi Exposes Tracey Boakye’s Multiple ‘Papa Nos’ in Power

tracey boakye ayisha modi

Afia Schwarzenegger’s decision to fight the unrelenting Ayisha Modi is now having negative consequences on her friends. One of Afia’s best friends, the one and only East Legon Landlady in Ghanaian showbiz, Tracey Boakye aka BB aka Borla Bird, has now found herself in Ayisha Modi’s crosshairs. Ayisha has now vowed that after finishing Afia … Read more

Your Heart Is Full Of Wickedness For Snatching Your Best Friend’s Husband And Breaking Her Home – Tracey Boakye Blasted For Being Evil


Actress Tracey Boakye is being lambasted for her hypocrisy. The actress has gotten into trouble after she tried advising people hating on her. Tracey Boakye took to social media to advise her fans to stop hating innocent people because whatever they own can never be theirs. READ ALSO: Dr Kwaku Oteng Loses Fortunes As Angel … Read more

Don’t Hate On My Success, Ask Me How I Did It – Tracey Boakye Brags As She Flaunts New Porsche

tracey boakye car

Tracey Boakye has fired missiles at her ‘haters’ who call her out for selling her coochie for success, something she confirms or denies depending on her mood. She looks like she’s currently in the denial mood. Tracey Boakye says she’s successful in life and instead of people getting close to her to learn how she … Read more