Insults Aside, Jonas is Right With Criticism of The National Cathedral


In fulfilment of a pledge made by the leader of the incumbent government, Nana Addo has asked for the construction of a National Cathedral, an announcement which was met with backlash. Many Ghanaians are trying to connect the dots on why such a huge sum is to be spent on the construction of a church … Read more

‘It’s Stupidity To Donate 50,000ghc To Build National Cathedral While Zongo Is In A Mess’ – Twene Jonas Attacks Chief Imam


The voice of the youth, Twene Jonas has come out again to address a national issue he finds outrageous. The unforgiving and unapologetic gentleman recorded himself questioning why the National Chief Imam would donate 50,000ghc towards the construction of the national cathedral. Twene Jonas said in his video that he does not understand the action … Read more

‘Lazy’ Efia Odo Should Be Hustling In America – Unemployed Archipalago Attacks After Being Humbled by Twene Jonas

efia odo archipalago

Ghanaian hustler based in the United States Archipalago has opened missiles on actress Efia Odo in a pathetic attempt to remain relevant. According to Archipalago, Efia Odo is lazy and does not want to work hard, which is why she has left America to Ghana. Archipalago claims she could easily stay in the U.S and … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger Trolled for Looking Like A Shaolin Monk in New Video

afia schwarzenegger trolled

Afia Schwarzenegger is out there scaring kids with her new hairstyle which has turned her into a Shaolin monk. The comedienne has dropped a new video trying her hands at the ‘fooling’ she calls comedy but it is her appearance taking all the attention. Afia has a new hairstyle she didn’t choose well because it … Read more

Ghanaians Troll Kuami Eugene After Twene Jonas Got Verified Before Him

twene jonas verified

Social media users are trolling the heck out of Kuami Eugene after Twene Jonas got verified on the bird app before him. Kuami Eugene has been on Twitter since 2011, has over a million followers meanwhile Jonas joined in 2015 and has just over 45,000 followers. Yet Jack (Twitter CEO) decided to verify the trouble-causing … Read more

Irrelevant Archipalago Pathetically Jabs Twene Jonas Again In Hopes of A Reply


It can hurt if the underdog overtakes the OG but resorting to cheap attack only makes one a sore loser. Archipelago has shamefully jabbed Twene Jonas again in hopes of a reply.  Seeing that his attacks only goes as far as his followers, Archipelago decided to throw more shots, maybe this time, he will get … Read more

Don’t Mess Up Like The Former IGP – Arrest NAM1 Immediately – Twene Jonas Warns New IGP


Twene Jonas has a simple but Important message for the newly appointed Inspector General of Police, Dr George Akuffo Dampare. Jonas, the social media crusader of corrupt leaders, has warned the new IGP not to follow the ‘corruption’ precedence left by his predecessor. “I heard they have sack the old IGP and a new IGP … Read more

Twene Jonas Exposed As He Admits He’s Doing Everything He Does for Views – Video


Twene Jonas has shocked quite a number of Ghanaians after being caught on camera admitting he does what he does just for views on the internet. Jonas has been spotted in a damaging video admitting he lies online for clout – no different than what our celebrities do in their normal lives. Jonas’ admission is … Read more

Adu Safowaa to Snatch Twene Jonas from the ‘Abrofo Mma’ As She’s In Love with Him for Destroying Fufu Funu

adu safowaa twene jonas

Loudmouth television presenter Adu Safowaa has a new love of her life none of us saw coming. After suffering humiliation after humiliation at the hands of Afia Schwarzenegger, who can blame Safowaa for jumping at the first saviour she finds. Adu Safowaa has declared her love for Twene Jonas, anointing him as her husband. READ … Read more

Twene Jonas Releases New Name For Afia Schwar – Calls Her Katriven Snail

twene jonas afia schwarzenegger

A new name has dropped for controversial Ghanaian comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger after Twene Jonas named her fufu Funu. In a new live video by Twene Jonas, he went on dragging Afia Schwar as none of them is ready to back down! READ ALSO: Nana Ama McBrown And Nana Cheddar Provide Accommodation Plus Lifetime Scholarship For … Read more

I Saw Worms and Phlegms In Afia Schwar’s Water – Man Backs Twene Jonas Against Fufu Funu


Afia Schwarzenegger is fighting a losing battle against Twene Jonas. The comedienne’s business might be on the verge of collapse after some allegations from Jonas about her sachet water company. Jonas claimed that Afia Schwarzenegger uses snakes to produce her water! His comments seem to be taking roots in people’s minds. Another social media user … Read more

‘No One In That Bush Can Afford This Car’ – Twene Jonas Brags As He Flaunts Latest Lamborghini – Video


Twene Jonas has reportedly bought a brand new Lamborghini worth over $200,000 and has recorded a video flexing and heaping insults on Ghanaians as usual. The USA based Ghanaian social commentator added that no one in Ghana can afford such luxury vehicle yet they call him homeless and jobless. Twene Jonas bragged that he is … Read more

Stowaway Ghanaians On A Boat To Europe Shout Glass Nkoaa To Praise Twene Jonas – Video


A viral video of some stowaway Ghanaians en route to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea have surfaced on the internet. These stowaways were captured on tape praising Twene Jonas for motivating them to travel out of the hardship in Ghana. In the video, the Ghanaians amongst stowaways were clearly hears shouting ‘glass nkoaa’, a slang … Read more

Ashanti Men Are Very Weak In Bed – Fufu Funu Afia Schwar Takes Fight With Twene Jonas To All Ashantis


Controversial Ghanaian actress and comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger aka Fufu funu, is refusing to let her fight with Twene Jonas die off. Schwar has taken the fight to a whole new level as she has involved all Ashanti men, apparently. Afia Schwarzenegger has said that Ashanti men are weak in bed because their p*nis are not … Read more

Video Drops As Afia Is Forced To Drink Her Snake Water After Twene Jonas Blew Cover Of Her Alleged Demonic Pure Water Business


Queen Afia Schwarzenegger has reacted after Twene Jonas made claims that her pure water business is demonic. Schwar has gulped down a sachet of her QAS pure water, rubbishing claims that she cannot drink her water because she uses snakes and frogs to produce it. Controversial political commentator and social media sensation, Twene Jonas has … Read more

Twene Jonas’ Brother Rains Degrading Insults on Afia Schwarzenegger on Twene Jonas’ Behalf – Video

twene jonas brother

A gentleman who has identified himself as a brother of Twene Jonas has clapped back at Afia Schwarzenegger for her recent attacks on Jonas. The guy took to social media to release a video to reply Afia Schwar with unprintable insults for her constant attacks on Jonas. The guy showed he has a mouth every … Read more

Empty-headed Ghanaians Call On Twene Jonas For Answers After PHOTOS Of Flooded Cities In The US Goes Viral


The way some Ghanaians can display their foolishness if you allow them is almost legendary. They are calling on Twene Jonas to come and give them answers as to why a city in the US has flooded when he has always been making noise about how the system works uninterrupted abroad. Pictures of the area … Read more

The Day You Post Video Without Makeup Will Be A National Crisis – Fans Fire Afia Schwar After Another Video Insulting Jonas

twene jonas afia schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger cannot accept the fact that Twene Jonas has knocked her out with just one blow in their beef – she’s still on social media constantly ranting. Afia Schwar took the first shot at Jonas, but he responded in a legendary manner. Since then, Afia Schwarzenegger has not been able to sleep! Every single … Read more

Social Media Hail Twene Jonas For Slamming GH Leaders As Terribly Flooded Areas In Accra Pops Up


A few days ago, Kumawood actress turned woman of God Gloria Kani came out on social media to cry her eyes out and blast the leaders because her home in Kumasi had flooded. She was not the only who was affected by the heavy downpour in the region. Parts of  Kumasi was flooded with properties … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger Flaunts Toyota Highlander Amidst Jonas Beef – Claims it’s her New Car

afia schwarzenegger car

The fake life for the gram continues – at this point you wonder why these celebrities keep bothering? Afia Schwarzenegger is beefing Twene Jonas – all of a sudden she has a new car to flaunt to troll him? READ ALSO: Nana Yaa Brefo Blasts Afia Schwar for Desperate Twene Jonas Attacks – Check What … Read more

More Troubles For Twene Jonas As The FBI Hunts Him About His Alleged Money Laundering Business – Details


U.S-based Ghanaian vlogger and social media sensation, Twene Jonas may be in more trouble than we all think being in a fight with Afia Schwarzenegger. Apparently, Twene Jonas has been implicated in an alleged money laundering business, and the FBI has been hinted to keep an eye on him. READ ALSO: Massive Challenge As Zionfelix’s … Read more

Nana Yaa Brefo Blasts Afia Schwar for Desperate Twene Jonas Attacks – Check What She Said

nana yaa brefo afia schwar

Nana Yaa Brefo has called on Afia Schwarzenegger to stop her constant attacks on Twene Jonas. The two outspoken personalities have been embroiled in a war of words for the past few days, starting when Afia took a shot at Jonas in a video rebuttal to Dag Heward-Mills. Afia Schwarzenegger described Jonas as an irrelevant … Read more

Ofui, You Too Drop Your Old Pic- Afia Schwar’s Own Fans Turn on Her After Attacking Jonas

afia schwar twene jonas

Fans of Afia Schwarzenegger have turned on her and started attacking her after she took a low shot at Twene Jonas. Afia shared a throwback photo of Jonas today, showing a young looking Jonas and siblings during his time in Ghana before travelling. She captioned the photo: “Let me leave this here and go to … Read more

Afia Schwar Drops Photo To Prove Twene Jonas Is A Broke Lowlife

twene jonas afia schwarzenegger

The battle between two disrespectful loudmouths, Afia Schwarzenegger and Twene Jonas is heating up with each person throwing heavy punches at his opponent. It was Afia who started this fight by heaping dirty insults on Twene Jonas for speaking against ‘her king’ the Ashantehene Otumfou Osei Tutu ll. Afia Schwar, in a video addressing Bishop … Read more

Jonas Runaway After DJ Switch took Him Abroad for A Short Trip – Afia Schwar Exposes

twene jonas afia schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger as alleged that loudmouth Ghanaian agitator Twene Jonas is a runaway illegal immigrant in the United States. Schwarzenegger claims Jonas was taken abroad by DJ Switch for a short trip and he ran away and hid when it was time to return. Afia says that means she can get Jonas deported anytime she … Read more

You’re the Ugliest Thing God Ever Created – Twene Jonas Comes for Afia Schwarzenegger – Video

twene jonas afia schwarzenegger

Twene Jonas has come for Afia Schwarzenegger with his acid tongue after the comedienne foolishly decided to attack him. Jonas has hit out at Afia and called her the ugliest creature God ever created. Jonas is insanely pissed off after Afia Schwar decided to come after him. Afia Schwarzenegger recently recorded a video to attack … Read more