Wasting Our Money – Twene Jonas Tears Into Tracey Boakye for Vacations In Dubai and Maldives with Taxpayer Money

twene jonas tracey boakye

Twene Jonas is back to work and back on form as he tears into actress Tracey Boakye. They told us he had been arrested and was going to be deported however none of that has come to pass. Hopeson Adorye and Afia Schwarzenegger have been left in the mud. Thankfully for the rest of us … Read more

Twene Jonas Punches Nana Addo for Sleeping With An ‘Ashawo’ – Video


Troublesome loudmouth Twene Jonas has taken wild shots at President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. Jonas as usual pulled no punches as he landed fiery blows on the President of the land. Twene Jonas was reacting to a video posted by a lady claiming to be a sidechick of the President. The lady went on a … Read more

Ghanaians Roast Twene Jonas For Disrespecting The IGP After Promising To Let Him Chop Abrofo Mma Free – Screenshot


Twene Jonas’ diarrhoea mouth has landed him into trouble once again and this time around he can’t reply to the insults pelted at him because he’s aware that he goofed big time. The originator of the “Glass Nkoaa” cliche has been severely chided by Ghanaians after he promised to give the IGP “abrofo mma to … Read more

Anytime You Come To America, I Will Let You Chop Abrofo Mma Free – Twene Jonas Promises IGP


U.S-based Ghanaian Fix The Country crusader, Twene Jonas has commended the Inspector General of Police, Geroge Akuffo-Dampare for his good works. In one of his usual long videos, Twene Jonas praised the IGP for letting the system work with regard to the law. READ ALSO: Jackie Appiah Chased In Dubai Restaurant For Selfie As Waiters … Read more

Gyimi! Think Of How to Utilise Our Natural Resources Rather – Twene Jonas Goes Bonkers on Sam George Over LGBT Bill – Video

sam george twene jonas

Twene Jonas has finally revealed his reaction to the trending LGBT saga in Ghana and true to form, he is just blasting everyone. Jonas has dropped a video violently attacking both the LGBT community and politicians in Ghana for wasting people’s time on this asinine law. According to him, they should spend time thinking of … Read more

Twene Jonas Attacks Nana Addo With Insults Once Again After The NPP Reported Him To The FBI – Video


Even after being reported to the FBI, heedless Twene Jonas has shown no signs of stopping his insults on Nana Addo and our other leaders anytime soon. The political critic has descended on the sitting president once again with insults after Hopeson Adorye publicly revealed that he has reported him to the FBI. READ ALSO: … Read more

NPP Bootlicker Samini Joins Hopeson Adorye to Heap Insults On Jonas in America – Video


Ghanaian Dancehall grandpapa, Samini, has joined the likes of NPP’s Hopeson Adorye, and the other bigwigs in the party to bash Twene Jonas who is noted for calling out the ills and failures of our leaders. It is believed that Samini has been paid by some NPP chieftains to do damage control to Twene Jonas. … Read more

‘Wait And See’ – ‘Hopeless’ Adorye Angrily Threathens Twene Jonas Once Again Following His Re-appearance


NPP’s chieftain and leader of the #Fixyourself movement – Mr. Hopeson Adorye has angrily threatened Twene Jonas once again following his re-appearance on the internet after allegedly going missing for two days. Hopeson Adorye who has been nicknamed “Hopeless Adorye” by social media users has given Twene Jonas a week ultimatum to apologize to him … Read more

Social Media User Exposes How Twene Jonas And His Sister Stole Their Father’s Money To Travel Abroad – Video


A loudmouth female social media user who goes by the name Daakye Hemaa has launched a deadly attack on Twene Jonas and his sister – Fremah. According to Daakye Hemaa, who seems to know more about Twene Jonas and his sister who have become a nuisance on the local digital space, Fremah stole her father’s … Read more

Archipalago Blasts Ghanaians As Big F0ols for Believing Jonas’ Fake Kidnap Story – Video


Ghanaian-born US-based entertainer and loudmouth social media commentator famed as Archipalago has angrily descended on the die-hard fans of Twene Jonas after he faked his own kidnap two days ago just to make it into the news and also promote his new music. Earlier yesterday, Twene Jonas stormed the internet to announce his comeback on … Read more

Twene Jonas Pops Up Online – Responds to News of His Disappearance


Twene Jonas was neither arrested nor gone missing as his close friend Say Da Don and his sister alleged. The social media activist was hiding under a rock and has finally crawled out after taking Ghana for a ride for days. Twene Jonas has reappeared on social media days after his family declared him missing … Read more

Don’t Be Foolish, Akufo-Addo Is Not Jonas’ Watchman – Afia Schwar Slams Twene Jonas’ Sister

afia schwarzenegger delay

Afia Schwarzenegger has blasted the sister of Twene Jonas who has called on President Akufo-Addo to produce her brother or face her wrath. Twene Jonas has allegedly gone missing in the United States of America. His friend, musician Say Da Don, revealed yesterday that Jonas had gone missing and was nowhere to be found. His … Read more

Produce Twene Jonas or Else… – Jonas’ Sister Warns Akufo-Addo As She Confirms His Disappearance – Video

twene jonas missing

Twene Jonas’ sister has confirmed trending news reports that he’s gone missing. Jonas’ sister has recorded a video laying threats at the feet of government and the President to produce her brother or else all hell would break loose. Say Da Don, Jonas’ closest friend in the U.S, revealed on Wednesday that he cannot find … Read more

Say Da Don Releases Crucial Update On Twene Jonas Arrest

twene jonas arrest

Twene Jonas’ closest friend and confidante, Say Da Don, has provided anxious fans an update on the alleged arrest of Twene Jonas. The musician, who is always moving around with Jonas and is a constant presence in some of his viral videos, shocked Ghanaians yesterday when he said the political nuisance had gone missing. Say … Read more

Meet The iPhone 13 Gang: Tracey Boakye, Nana Agradaa, Nana Aba Anamoah Plus All The Ghanaian Celebs Who Have Bought The New iPhone


The race is on for the next Ghanaian celebrity who will own the luxurious iPhone 13 from global phone manufacturing company, Apple. Sounds like a commercial of a competition right? That is because it is, well, only in my country Ghana. In Ghana, our celebrities make the most basic of things (like buying a phone) … Read more

An American Brought Me Here So No Foolish Old Man Can Deport Me – Jonas Goes Live to Fire Adorye

twene jonas adorye

Twene Jonas aka ‘Glass Nkoaa’ has finally come live to reply to claims that he is about to be deported from the United States. Jonas says all those claims are nothing but bald-faced lies. Failed NPP politician and public nuisance Hopeson Adorye recently reported to Ghanaians from Queens in New York that Twene Jonas is … Read more

‘Official King Of The Mafia Gang’ – Diamond Appiah And Afia Schwar Eulogise Hopeson Adorye As Twene Jonas Faces Deportation

twene jonas adorye

Controversial Ghanaian socialites, Diamond Appiah and Afia Schwarzenegger have hailed politician Hopeson Adorye after reportedly getting Twene Jonas wanted in the U.S. A video went viral yesterday as Hopeson Adorye revealed that Jonas is currently hiding because he is facing deportation in America. According to him, Twene Jonas has been sacked from work, evicted from … Read more

Twene Jonas Reacts To Claims That He’s Wanted For Deportation – This Is What He Said


Hopeson Adorye has forced Twene Jonas out of his shell to comment about allegations leveled against him. News surfaced yesterday that Twene Jonas has been fired from his work place, evicted from his rented apartment and wanted in the states for deportation. The above information was shared by politician Hopeson Adorye. READ ALSO: Twene Jonas … Read more

Twene Jonas Has Been Sacked from Work and Wanted for Deportation – Exclusive Details


Twene Jonas has allegedly been sacked from work, evicted from his home and wanted for deportation. That is according to NPP politician turned social media nuisance Hopeson Adorye, The politician, who has turned to social media for relevance as he has become increasingly irrelevant in the party, is currently in a battle with Twene Jonas. … Read more

Afia Schwar, A Plus, Glass Nkoaa – Top 5 Ghanaian Celebrities Who Have Pepper Mouths and PhD In Insults

twene jonas afia schwarzenegger

The names on this list do not forgive, they do not mind if you are the president or Jesus Christ, neither do they mind that they are celebrities people look up to, all they know is insults. GhanaCelebrities.Com brings to you an up-to-date compilations of top 5 Ghanaian celebrities who insult for a living. They … Read more

Insults Aside, Jonas is Right With Criticism of The National Cathedral


In fulfilment of a pledge made by the leader of the incumbent government, Nana Addo has asked for the construction of a National Cathedral, an announcement which was met with backlash. Many Ghanaians are trying to connect the dots on why such a huge sum is to be spent on the construction of a church … Read more

‘It’s Stupidity To Donate 50,000ghc To Build National Cathedral While Zongo Is In A Mess’ – Twene Jonas Attacks Chief Imam


The voice of the youth, Twene Jonas has come out again to address a national issue he finds outrageous. The unforgiving and unapologetic gentleman recorded himself questioning why the National Chief Imam would donate 50,000ghc towards the construction of the national cathedral. Twene Jonas said in his video that he does not understand the action … Read more

‘Lazy’ Efia Odo Should Be Hustling In America – Unemployed Archipalago Attacks After Being Humbled by Twene Jonas

efia odo archipalago

Ghanaian hustler based in the United States Archipalago has opened missiles on actress Efia Odo in a pathetic attempt to remain relevant. According to Archipalago, Efia Odo is lazy and does not want to work hard, which is why she has left America to Ghana. Archipalago claims she could easily stay in the U.S and … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger Trolled for Looking Like A Shaolin Monk in New Video

afia schwarzenegger trolled

Afia Schwarzenegger is out there scaring kids with her new hairstyle which has turned her into a Shaolin monk. The comedienne has dropped a new video trying her hands at the ‘fooling’ she calls comedy but it is her appearance taking all the attention. Afia has a new hairstyle she didn’t choose well because it … Read more

Ghanaians Troll Kuami Eugene After Twene Jonas Got Verified Before Him

twene jonas verified

Social media users are trolling the heck out of Kuami Eugene after Twene Jonas got verified on the bird app before him. Kuami Eugene has been on Twitter since 2011, has over a million followers meanwhile Jonas joined in 2015 and has just over 45,000 followers. Yet Jack (Twitter CEO) decided to verify the trouble-causing … Read more