CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: The Upscale Lifestyle in Ghana–When A Bottle of Bel-Aqua Costs 20 GHS

Breakfast at Kempinski Hotel, Accra
Breakfast at Kempinski Hotel, Accra

For many whose perspective about the state of Ghana is obtained from a far distance, the West African country is placed to be swiftly developing–as some of the biggest brand names in the hospitality business have made giant entries into the capital, Accra, albeit, swimming in a comforting lack of competition pool.

There’s a huge non-befitting buzz about some of the places that somewhat are used to validate the assumption that Ghana has “arrived” or is truly developing and two of such places are the famous MovenPick and Kempinski Hotels, situated not far from each other at the heart of Accra.

Local conversations about these two places are extensively flattering but to me, the architectures are short of the elegance the words compliment. They are just modern hotels, just as you would find on the streets of Paris, Barcelona, New York, Copenhagen and several of the world’s developing capitals.

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