Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s ‘Us In Between’ Starts Streaming Worldwide on Sparrow Station From Friday, July 9th


‘Us in Between’, a romantic drama from legendary Ghanaian filmmaker Shirley Frimpong-Manso, premieres on Sparrow Station this Friday, July 9th 2021. The movie starts streaming worldwide on the Sparrow Station platform Friday. Interested viewers can sign up to watch at ‘Us in Between’ is another masterpiece from Shirley dealing with the debilitating global pandemic … Read more

Love Brewed in the Chaos of a Global Pandemic—Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s ‘Us in Between’


Ghanaian filmmaker-Shirley Frimpong-Manso has succeeded in coalescing two paradoxical stories, of love and chaos, into her latest film-‘Us in Between’. What seems like an obvious departure from her kind of stories still takes with it her years of perfection in romcom—serving chops of comedy and love, alongside recounting the international and local events following the … Read more