Victoria Hammah Finally Breaks Silence | She Says She Regrets What Happened But Will Come With Her Side Of The Story Soon

  Less than a week after Victoria Hammah was sacked from her position as the Deputy Communications Minister following the leak of the infamous gossip tape, she has spoken about the incident… In an exclusive interview today with Radio XYZ’s Presidential Correspondent-Kwame Danso Acheampong, Victoria Hammah said she respects the decision of the President to … Read more

Update On Victoria Hammah’s Recording & Sacking…Cousin Driver Confesses That He Was Contracted By Rachel Appoh

Victoria Hamma and Rachel Appoh
Victoria Hamma and Rachel Appoh

Though recording someone without the person’s consent is extensively wicked, especially when you are a relative of the person who has huge trust for you—-it does not in itself exonerates Victoria Hammah from being immature, a true gossip and incompetent.

It has emerged that, the cousin driver who recorded the infamous Victoria Hammah’s tape- Lawrence Quayeson was contracted by the same person Victoria was gossiping about-Rachel Appoh (Deputy Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister).


According to RadioXYZ;

XYZ News has had an exclusive interview with the Cousin-Driver, Lawrence Quayeson, of sacked Deputy Communications Minister, Victoria Hammah, in which Quayeson claims he was “contracted” by Deputy Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister, Rachel Appoh, to secretly record Victoria Hammah’s conversations.

Quayeson told XYZ News’ Presidential Correspondent, Kwame Danso Acheampong on Sunday that Rachel Appoh contracted him through Victoria Hammah’s dismissed Personal Assistant, one Ayittey Basty.

According to him, Victoria Hammah “sacked” Basty a few months back.

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