Christiane Amanpour Is A Massive Hypocrite — $1m Victoria Hammah Slams CNN Journalist Over Moesha Interview


Former NDC minister and infamous ‘I’m in politics to make $1m’ politician Victoria Hammah has waded into the Moesha Boduong saga and completely blasted CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour.
Hammah, writing on the issue, said Amanpour was a hypocrite who hails from a s*xually immoral society like the U.S but completely pretends that what Moesha said shocked her.

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NDC Primaries | Victoria Hammah DEFEATED At Kintampo North Constituency

Victoria Hammah
Victoria Hammah

Though on the national rader Victoria Hammah has been quiet, she was nurturing a political come back at far away Kintampo in the Brong Ahafo region—having secured a slot as one of NDC’s parliamentary aspirants for Kintampo North.

She was going to shock people; and come back into politics as a parliamentarian—following her dismissal from government by President Mahama over her million dollar scandal.

But, she has been shocked by the voting delegates of Kintampo North at a time when she thought it was going to be an effortless win for her.

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Victoria Hammah To Contest NDC Parliamentary Primaries?

Victoria Hammah
Victoria Hammah

If true this woman must be planning the greatest political comeback of all time.

Victoria Hammah, aka ‘Madame one million dollars’, is back. Hammah’s scandals in this country are innumerable, but she seems to be plotting an underground comeback to rival the best you’ve ever heard of.

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DID YOU KNOW THAT: Victoria Hammah’s ‘Non Performing’ Boyfriend-Richard Frimpong Dardo Once Bonked a St. Louis School Prefect in His Cubicle & As a Result He Was REMOVED from Position as Prempeh SP?

Richard Frimpong Dardo
Richard Frimpong Dardo

Since we know more than a lot about Victoria Hammah who made headlines alongside his alleged non-performing boyfriend-Richard Frimpong Dardo—-an unfortunate circumstance any man could possible find himself, GhanaCelebrities.Com decided to find out who the hell is this man who got arrested for allegedly failing to render good back shots.

Interestingly, few days after the Richard Frimpong Dardo and Hammah’s saga, Richard was once again arrested by the Dansoman police in Accra over a $260,000 fraud case. Victoria Hammah is reported to have stormed the sta­tion to protest in defence of her lover. Nevertheless, Richard Frimpong-Dardo was detained for close to three hours until his lawyer arrived and stood in as surety for him before he was released.

So we asked; who the hell is this Richard Frimpong-Dardo? And then we got some amazing background info…

Richard Frimpong-Dardo attended Kumasi based all boys school-Prempeh College, all the way from Tema and completed in 1999. He was in Serwaa House…

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Comedian/Musician-APlus Writes to Victoria Hammah | He Says He Can Hit the Jackpot from the Backside & As Such He Wants to Be the New Boyfriend

A-Plus Letter to Victoria Hammah
A-Plus Letter to Victoria Hammah

Victoria Hammah was in the news last week for reporting his boyfriend to the Police over a fight—and his unwillingness to take up her unique s*xual demands, something of that sort we heard.

After we published this story, a GC reader-Akos aka ‘the late night gossip’ took up the challenge and solved the puzzle surrounding the Victoria Hammah and boyfriend’s early morning fight.

Solving the puzzle, Akos wrote;

Since I am good at solving the puzzles with my recent work being why men are idiots, let me tell you what I believe happened at the morning between Victoria Hammah and her boyfriend which got her upset and led to the arrest of her poor boyfriend.

It is not possible to go anywhere from the back of Victoria Hammah and I think we will all agree on this. It is like hitting your head against a thick wall, hoping to find yourself at the other side of the wall.

But as a woman, she has heard a lot about the bend over and take the back shots so she has been for many months asking her boyfriend to give that treat, I think.

Victoria Hammah
Victoria Hammah

When the guy asked for some money to buy cans of red bull for the needed energy to make the hard knock possible, she gladly paid. This was necessary because a thick wall was going to be penetrated.

Unfortunately, Mr. man could not deliver on his promise after Victoria Hammah held the wall facing him for an hour. He could not get anywhere as the big backside just stood in front of him like a mountain—Kilimanjaro type.

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Victoria Hammah Says the Recent Public Humiliation of Young Women is an Unfortunate Reflection of…

  Victoria Hammah who was sacked as a Deputy Minister of Communication following the infamous Victoria leaks tape has joined the many prominent women speaking against an emerging acts of public humiliation of young women… Hammah took to her facebook to express her disgust, saying; “This week has awakened Ghana to another horrid story of … Read more

Victoria Hammah Allegedly SLAPPED By A Traffic Police Officer—She Is Back In NEWS!

Victoria Hammah


Sacked from her position as a Deputy Communications Minister owning to the infamous Victoria Hammah gossip tape, the troubled former Minister of State is back in the news again—and this time, she is being accused of failing to stop when asked by a Traffic Police Officer who proceeded to SLAP her after she caused injury to officer…

With two contradictory stories coming from the Police Officer and Victoria Hammah, it is difficult to establish who is telling the truth. However, the truth remains; Victoria Hammah has had one hell of a nasty year.

She has to take a long holiday out of Ghana to reflect on things and decide on what she wants to do with her life.


According to DailyGuide;

Former Deputy Minister of Communications, Victoria Lakshmi Hammah, is caught up in fresh drama, after a fracas with a police officer attached to the Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) of the Ghana Police Service.

While the police officer claimed Victoria failed to stop as directed and had injured him in the process, the former deputy minister said she was given a hefty slap by the motor traffic cop who additionally called her “ashawo”, a derogatory term meaning ‘prostitute’ at a major intersection at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, close to the Neoplan Station last Thursday.

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University Of Oxford Has Found That Women With Big Buttocks Are Smarter & Have Strong Resistance To Diseases | Where Is Victoria Hammah?

  First of all, Victoria Hammah was WRONG to have made a statement that Oye Lithur is somehow intelligent than her—since according to a recent study by the University of Oxford, women with big buttocks are far smarter and healthier… The review which was published by researchers at the University of Oxford and Churchill Hospital … Read more

Victoria Hammah Threatens To Sue Ghana’s Anti-Money Laundering Agency

Victoria Hammah

It looks like Victoria Hammah will continue to make headlines for the next few weeks to come as the former Deputy Minister who is under investigation by Ghana’s anti-money laundering agency-the Financial Intelligence Center (FIC) has threatened to sue the FIC if it fails to publish the outcome of its investigations.

Victoria Hammah regards the investigation as an invasion of her privacy and she is reported to have called IC Chief Executive, Samuel T. Essel to question the real reason behind the investigation when no one has lodged a complaint of missing money against her…On that note, she has dared the agency to publish their findings or risk being sued by her.


According to DailyGuide;

The Embattled former Deputy Minister of Communications, Victoria Lakshmi Hammah, is not amused about reports that Ghana’s anti-money laundering agency, the Financial Intelligence Center (FIC), is investigating her private bank accounts.

Ms Hammah therefore threatened to sue the FIC if it failed to publish the outcome of its investigations after invading her privacy.

An angry Victoria Hammah was said to have called the FIC Chief Executive, Samuel T. Essel, to find out the rationale behind the investigations, especially when no one had lodged a complaint of missing money or theft against her.

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Victoria Hammah’s Family Members Are Crying & Pleading That She Should Be Given A Second Chance…

Victoria Hammah's Grandmother crying
Victoria Hammah’s Grandmother crying

The Victoria Hammah talk will not end anytime soon. Apart from the various politicians who have jumped unto the saga, the Victoria Hammh’s family members at Kintampo in the Brong Ahafo Region are also talking—and they want Vicky to be given a second chance by President Mahama.

Beyond their apologies and pleads, they’ve even pulled in a connection which indicates that Victoria Hammah is related to President Mahama…

Should Victoria Hammah be given any chance this soon?

According to Ghanaian Chronicle;

The family of the beleaguered former Deputy Communications Minister, Victoria Hammah, at Kintampo has called on President John Dramani Mahama to “temper justice with mercy” and reinstate their daughter.

According to the family, they were not in any way condoning the alleged unethical behaviour of Ms. Victoria Hammah, or justifying the issues talked about on the said leaked audio recording,, but were pleading with the President to save them from the shock and disappointment the dismissal had brought them.

Madam Akosua Nimo, Grandmother of the beleaguered deputy Communication Minister, disclosed that Vicky Hammah and President Mahama were siblings, explaining that the President’s mother, Abena Kupor, was a direct sister of her (Akosua Nimo). “Victoria is a sister of John Mahama, because Abena Kupor is the mother of John Mahama, who is my sister.” Vicky Grandmother stressed.

Madam Akosua Nimo further indicated that Victoria Hammah, from her childhood, aspired to become a politician and had taken serious actions towards achieving that dream, so her appointment came as a justification and a fulfillment of a dream, which was a joy to the entire family and the people of Kintampo.

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Victoria Hammah Finally Breaks Silence | She Says She Regrets What Happened But Will Come With Her Side Of The Story Soon

  Less than a week after Victoria Hammah was sacked from her position as the Deputy Communications Minister following the leak of the infamous gossip tape, she has spoken about the incident… In an exclusive interview today with Radio XYZ’s Presidential Correspondent-Kwame Danso Acheampong, Victoria Hammah said she respects the decision of the President to … Read more

POTRICKS OF THE DAY: Victoria Hammah’s Driver Who Recorded Her Has Been KIDNAPPED

Victoria Hammah Sacked


I see no reason why much of the attention is being given to Lawrence Quayeson, the driver who recorded Victoria Hammah’s gossip that led to the dismissal of Victoria from her post as the Deputy Communications Minister…

After his arrest and subsequent release on Thursday, Lawrence who is reported to have said his life is under treat has been kidnapped/forcefully taken by two unknown men  who stormed a house he was staying in at Dansoman, Accra…

Surely it was wicked of him to have recorded Victoria Hammah without her consent, but must we focus on him this much? Why don’t we address the issues Victoria blabbed about rather?

According to MyJoyOnline;


The driver of dismissed deputy Communications Minister, Victoria Hammah, is suspected to have been kidnapped by two unknown men Monday morning.

Lawrence Quayeson had sought refuge at a family residence near Dansoman after packing out of Victoria Hammah’s house.

A family friend only known as Nadia, with whom he sought refuge told Joy News the two men who picked him up did not identify themselves.

She said Lawrence came to them yesterday evening to charge his phones, but had to sleep over because it was late in the night.

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Update On Victoria Hammah’s Recording & Sacking…Cousin Driver Confesses That He Was Contracted By Rachel Appoh

Victoria Hamma and Rachel Appoh
Victoria Hamma and Rachel Appoh

Though recording someone without the person’s consent is extensively wicked, especially when you are a relative of the person who has huge trust for you—-it does not in itself exonerates Victoria Hammah from being immature, a true gossip and incompetent.

It has emerged that, the cousin driver who recorded the infamous Victoria Hammah’s tape- Lawrence Quayeson was contracted by the same person Victoria was gossiping about-Rachel Appoh (Deputy Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister).


According to RadioXYZ;

XYZ News has had an exclusive interview with the Cousin-Driver, Lawrence Quayeson, of sacked Deputy Communications Minister, Victoria Hammah, in which Quayeson claims he was “contracted” by Deputy Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister, Rachel Appoh, to secretly record Victoria Hammah’s conversations.

Quayeson told XYZ News’ Presidential Correspondent, Kwame Danso Acheampong on Sunday that Rachel Appoh contracted him through Victoria Hammah’s dismissed Personal Assistant, one Ayittey Basty.

According to him, Victoria Hammah “sacked” Basty a few months back.

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POLITRICKS OF THE DAY: Ursula Owusu Asks The Popular Question-Did ‘Beauty And Hips’ Get Victoria Hammah Her Job?

Ursula Owusu And Victoria Hammah


Several people have questioned the criteria and circumstances under which Victoria Hammah who was SACKED from her position as a Deputy Minister was appointed…

Before Victoria Hammah’s scandalous gossip, her maturity and competence as a Minister of State was scrutinized by many when she poorly handled a situation during an official presentation.

Some commentators have stated that, Victoria Hammah should have been fired when she openly displayed her immaturity by blasting/blaming her PA for presenting her with a wrong speech during a live presentation…

Member of Parliament for Ablekuma West Member-Ursula Owusu is asking the popular question; Did “beauty and hips” get Victoria Hammah her job?


According to RadioXYZ;

Ablekuma West Member of Parliament, Ursula Owusu, has wondered whether Victoria Hammah was appointed as a Deputy Minister because of her “beauty and hips”.

“…She’s talking about beauty and hips as criteria for appointment and I ask myself where that is getting us as a country? If she says that there are people who are more beautiful than you, who didn’t get appointment and they are all waiting in the sidelines, is that what people should be looking at? Is that what gave her her position? Beauty and hips?”

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PHOTO OF THE DAY: Victoria Hammah & Rachel Appoh

  Following Victoria Hammah’s unfortunate gossip which was more centred on Deputy Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection-Rachel Appoh, the names of the two having been trending on social media… Victoria Hammah who was blabbing out about Rachel Appoh has been SACKED and Rachel who was deemed to be stupid by Victoria still has … Read more

How My Family Member-Victoria Hammah Has Ended Her Political Journey | See What The ‘Social Media Addicts’ Are Saying…

Victoria Hamma

Those of you who know me far beyond this blog can easily establish ‘a not so far’ family connection with Victoria Hammah…

It is ironic how I did not mention this when she was a Deputy Minister but now that she has been axed, I have decided to announce my family affiliation.

Whatever it is, she will remain a family and we will not all forget how she prematurely ended her political journey…

Facebook has been buzzing with Victoria Hammah being the main subject.  One funny comment I have read so far from one of my few friends is;

How can the President sack a woman for gossiping? Is that not what she is supposed to do?

Anyway, I have decided to share with you the views of some of my social medial friends on the Victoria Hammah saga…

Check them out below…

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Victoria Hamah Sacked, The Axe Has Fallen!

Victoria Hammah Sacked


In the light of several other scandals that have riddled the image of the present Government and have gone untackled, It is hard for us to appreciate the swiftness with which the deputy Minister, Hon. Victoria Hammah has been sacked.

We have learned that a letter has been released from the office of the president this morning that directs that Hon. Victoria Hammah be relieved of her duties with immediate effect.

READ ALSO: POTRICKS OF THE DAY: Victoria Hammah Again? Listen To A Tape Of Her Washing It All DIRTY On The NDC, Saying Her Mission In Politics Is To Make $1M

Of course Ghanaians will be happy about this but the people directly affected are probably gnashing teeth as we speak.

We all know about her infamous leaked taped which hit the media yesterday and went viral.

If you have listened to the tape, you will appreciate the seriousness of the situation. Too many names were mentioned and too many serious insinuations made, also the blatant stand to steal the tax payers’ money is just unbelievable.

The deputy minister has had three scandals to her name in the space of six months and obviously the administration is tired of her shortfalls and having to defend her constantly while she could know better?

The things your own mouth can do to you! Let us watch the words of our mouth and I dare say even our muddy intentions.

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POTRICKS OF THE DAY: Victoria Hammah Again? Listen To A Tape Of Her Washing It All DIRTY On The NDC, Saying Her Mission In Politics Is To Make $1M

  A Tape has surfaced online with a voice alleged to be that of Deputy Minister of Communication-Miss Victoria Lakshmi Hammah washing it all dirty, gossiping about her party and going as deep as letting out several uncomfortable secrets—which will shock you! No need to write more on this when you can just listen to … Read more

POLITRICKS OF THE DAY: Victoria Hammah Says ‘Assault’ On Me ‘Chauvinistic’, ‘Misogynistic’

A diplomat is a person who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip—Caskie Stinnett According to RadioXYZOnline; Victoria Hammah says she “will not be distracted” by the “chauvinist, misogynic, ageist” “media assault” on her as Deputy Communications Minister. Reacting to the recent avalanche … Read more