Hypocrites! That’s what we really are. Our double standards keep staring us in the face each day of our lives. Our inconsistent yardsticks have made us to always cherry-pick. Morality has become subjective. What’s right and wrong have become absolutely relative.

We all are hypocrites. We hate religion because it came from a foreign land yet have embraced the same white man’s education. Not only that. We are so engrossed in his technology, too. We blame our colonizers for our woes when we have actually colonized state wealth and property. Well, we all have double standards.

Don’t tell me we are not hypocrites. We wail when others discriminate against us because of our skin color yet we always put others down because of where they are coming from. We scream our lungs out and crave for pity in the face of racism yet we dish out all shades of tribalism at our own blood.

Yes, we are hypocrites! We sanctimoniously stand on the podium in our cassocks clothed in innocence and piety every Sunday. However, between the two Sundays, there’s no clear-cut difference between those we preach to and us! We preach what we are yet to practice and practice what we don’t preach. We say what we don’t do and… do what we are ashamed to say! An upside down society.

Tell me you are not a hypocrite. You fight against child marriage on one hand and demand for sex before giving ladies job opportunities, on another hand. You are a so-called responsible parent yet have made your bed a criterion for job qualification. Dirty double standards!

Aren’t we hypocrites? We say our jobs are not well paying but we are not any much productive. We treat state property anyhow because they aren’t ours after all. We substitute working hours for playing and praying hours and use the rest of the time to while away time. We cry for more money yet give out only little responsibility. We say we want change but the truth is, we need a change of our lives― a whole makeover!

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