LOVE & RELATIONSHIP: When a Promise Becomes a Covenant…

Black woman
Black woman

People ‘in love’ normally make promises at a point in time and it’s more on emotions rather than on a clear thought process – consciously or unconsciously. You don’t need to make any verbal declaration per se but questions asked and answers given is enough to be ‘a binding word’ from one party.

People make promises to motivate (to do more/spend more), to win love and to buy trust but it always ends up with one becoming disappointed. You can’t buy trust with your mouth; trust is built just as respect is earned. Alternatively, you can’t win love by promises.

We promise people we’ll change, to be more responsible, to be a better person etc. but we know very well it’s not going to happen – we say it to keep a job, relationship and to save face but what we’re actually doing is quickly killing the little trust and faith the people have in us. Don’t promise if you don’t intend to keep it because it turns relationships sour.

There are some promises which you and I know is ‘for conning and scamming’ purposes and those type of promises are made by politicians – something you’ll not take to the bank anyway and others you tell to the junior secondary school kids to keep them happy; I’ll die for you and take you to the moon kind of promises (very dense to believe such promises).

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