You Can’t Talk to Jay-Z Like That! – Shatta Wale Loses His Cool and Blasts Peace Fm Reporter

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Shatta Wale lost his mind completely and rained insults on Despite Media on-air personality Whitney Boakye-Mensah in an interview. Wale completely lost his cool over comments Whitney had passed about him and replied her with his typical foul mouth Foul-mouthed ‘Gbee Naabu’ went on his rant in an interview with Halifax Ansah Addo. READ ALSO: … Read more

Reviewing The Entertainment Commentators On Radio | Starting With Peace Fm‘s Entertainment Review

Socrate Sarfo
Socrate Sarfo

I will start this article by quoting myself ‘It is difficult to be a real critic but more difficult to be really criticized…’

Interestingly, Entertainment in Ghana has gained remarkable grounds with many radio stations holding several discourses each week aimed at strengthening the fast developing industry.

Though prominence is mostly given to Music and Movies, occasionally, several sectors of the Art industry is considered—-and those who sit on the ‘talking benches’ seem not to be accountable to anyone.

Today, I’ve decided to hold some of them accountable, the same way they hold others accountable with their sharp and sometimes, rough teeth.

I will look at the popular Entertainment Radio Shows in a sequence, starting with Peace Fm’s Entertainment Review hosted by Kwasi Aboagye…

Now the Host-Kwasi Aboagye 

With many years of radio experience, you cannot really find fault with the presenting structures he throws unto the table each week. When he has a to host interview segments, he pushes the boundaries to ask the hard question, which has in the past abruptly ended some of his interviews—-simply because, it gets tough for the persons at the other side.

On Entertainment Review, Kwasi Aboagye’s primary responsibility centres around being able to hold his panel within reasonable moderation, thereby ensuring they do not stray off the pathway and probably not throw punches at each other—when dissenting.

With a robust approach and strange sense of firmness, Kwasi is able to bring on path when there is an attempted escape. Occasionally, he is forced by his own underlying principles to join the discussions in length, especially when he feels his panel members are losing focus on the substantive issue.

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