“We Are Tired of Receiving Handkerchiefs and Shirts on Father’s Day” – Actor Van Vicker Cries


Ghanaian actor Van Vicker has spoken on behalf of all men in the country ahead of Father’s Day celebration slated for Sunday, June 20 2021. Van Vicker has begged mothers and children to safe men the disrespect of buying handkerchiefs and boxer shorts or shirts as gifts on Father’s day. READ ALSO: Amanda Jissih’s Alleged … Read more

A Mother's Silent Screams | Why Father's Day Is Still Not Loud


Father's Day
Father’s Day

“If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire”-George Monbiot.
If you’ve had to wake up in the sleeping hours of dawn to see Ghanaian women bearing a load meant for a dozen others, only then would you understand Monbiot’s statement. You dare not doubt the frog that comes to tell you that the crocodile is dead.
I have lived my entire life in Ghana so I have seen the struggles and insufferable ordeal these women go through. From the kayaye who straps her child at her back with basin well defined with goods of all kind to the woman who sits in the sun behind a flaming fire to roast maize and plantain to the woman whose only way of walking is running because she hawks pawpaw, nkatie burger, plantain chips and pure water in traffic—the lengths Ghanaian women go through to either aid with family expenses or take the full armour of a bread winner is limitless.
Since I have not had a first hand experience with other countries, I would subject them to extrapolation knowing that what happens in those country would be similar to that which happens in Ghana.
It is no different every year, a lot of concerns are raised with respect to how and why father’s day is not as popular as mother’s day.
The excitement and eagerness that is attached to mother’s day is no where near father’s day. Adverts are made weeks prior to the actual date, talk of the surprises, the dinners and the display of affection on social media.
I could actually count the number of my Facebook friends who uploaded their dad’s picture with beautiful caption but I dare not try to count on mother’s day. People go as far as ignoring you when you remind them father’s day is a week or two away; at worst they pretend the day doesn’t even exist.

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