Xandy Kamel in Big Trouble As She’s Allegedly Pregnant for her Cheating Husband

xandy kamel husband

Actress Xandy Kamel might just have found herself in a very sticky situation as she’s being alleged to be pregnant. The suspended Angel TV host and her husband, Nana Kwaku Mensah ‘Kaninja’, are currently separated. Xandy has alleged that he’s cheated on her countless times, not only with his ex-girlfriend before they got married but … Read more

Xandy Kamel’s Immature Husband Bluntly Calls her ‘Ashawo’ In Nasty New Attack – Video


The estranged husband of actress Xandy Kamel has landed a nasty new attack on her. King Kaninja, as he’s known on social media, has dubbed his soon to be ex-wife as an ‘ashawo’. According to him, when she was ranting all over about his infidelity, she forgot to add her own. King Kaninja was slyly … Read more

Xandy Kamel’s Alleged Lesbian Partner Exposes Who Paid her to Tarnish Xandy’s Image

xandy kamel lesbian

An alleged lesbian partner of Xandy Kamel has come out to deny that she was ever in a relationship with the actress. According to her, she was paid to tarnish Xandy’s image by releasing a deceptively edited audio to make it seem there were in a relationship. As Xandy’s marriage crashes, she has now come … Read more

Do Not Leave Your Husband Just Because He Cheated -Akuapem Poloo Advises Xandy


Listen. Poloo is definitely the slowest socialite we have. In an industry like the Ghanaian entertainment where the bar is so low, how do you still manage to carry last? Well, As Xandy Kamel returned to the news in grand style, Poloo also has some advice to give her for her marriage. She addressed her … Read more

Stop Asking Stupid Questions About my Ring – Xandy Kamel’s Husband Speaks over Allegations of Chasing Sidechicks

xandy kamel husband

Xandy Kamel and her husband, Ghanaian sports presenter King Kaninja, are the trending topic for today, taking over from Serwaa Broni. Xandy went ballistic on Instagram Friday, alleging that her husband had left her and gotten back together with his ex-girlfriend. The aftermath of her allegations has released a torrent of allegations against King Kaninja. … Read more

Let’s Hope He’ll Support You When the Time Comes – Xandy Kamel Alleged to Have Cheated on her Husband After She Posted A Coded Message

xandy kamel husband

Actress Xandy Kamel was just posting a message of support to Nigerian Instagram dancer Jane Mena, however, that has turned into people alleging she’s cheating on her husband. That’s how wild social media can be these days. The actress’ message of support to Jane is alleged to be due to her own infidelity and hoping … Read more