May Yul Edochie Reportedly Begins Divorce Proceedings Against Her Husband Yul Edochie After The Death Of Their Son


May Edochie, the actor Yul Edochie’s first wife, is rumored to have filed for divorce from Yul. May reportedly went to court today, July 10, with her attorney to file a petition for the divorce of her 18-year union with the actor. Insiders claim that Yul has objected to receiving the original summons. His decision … Read more

Abusive Yul Edochie Exposed By First Wife After Forcing Her To Accept Polygamy


May-Yul Edochie, the first wife of Nigerian actor Yul Edochie, has warned her husband that he cannot force her to accept polygamy. May, in a post on Instagram, said she doesn’t begrudge her husband for believing in polygamy and going for a second wife but she cannot be part of any polygamous marriage. Her reaction … Read more

Real Men take Responsibility – Yul Edochie Arrogantly Brags After Impregnating Actress and Marrying her as His 2nd Wife


Nigerian actor Yul Edochie has bragged about marrying a second wife – he says real men take responsibility. Edochie married a second wife on his first wife’s blind side, a huge betrayal for the woman who fought with him when he had nothing. The worst part is he announced the news on social media like … Read more