YVONNE NELSON & FATHER PROBLEMS: Yvonne Nelson Wishes Her Mother HAPPY FATHER’S DAY Again Even Though She Has A Father & We Know Why…

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Last year, Actress-Yvonne Nelson wished her mother happy father’s day when the world was celebrating fathers—and interestingly, wished the same mother happy mother’s day on the designated mother’s day too.

This got a lot of people wondering if Yvonne Nelson ‘has’ a father—whether he is alive or not and what could be the obvious reason why the father has been shunned, with the mother taking over his position.

No matter how much we try, our mothers can never pass for our fathers and the vice versa. Each sex has a role to play and even if a father has been irresponsible and has pushed the mother to take over his responsibilities, the mother does not all of a sudden become the father. This  is arguable but we think that is the plausible worldview.

So GhanaCelebrities.Com decided to find out what the situation is like with Yvonne Nelson’s father—from which we wrote;

“Yvonne Nelson’s total disregard for her father on several occasions with her last week’s Father’s day tweets being the recent got some of us wondering where the actress’ father could be—and why she seems to be bitter towards her father.

As we mentioned, we started talking to our many sources and so far, we gather that Yvonne Nelson’s real father is Mr. Oko Nelson who lives in Dansoman, just near the Mr. Biggs.

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