Rihanna’s Dad Opens Up in Candid Interview: Talks About His Drinking Problem, Rihanna And Chris Brown, When She’ll Get Married, Is She Pregnant? And More

Posted on 20 Dec 2014 at 10:12pm

Ronald Fenty blessed the world with Barbadian beauty Robyn Rihanna Fenty, but he’s been a constant cause of worry for the talented singer. Whilst RiRi is no saint herself, her father has problems on a whole other level.

Ronald has battled a drug addiction in the past, but in recent times his main problem has been an alcoholic one. In an interview with MailOnline, he has revealed how that has caused strains in his relationship with his famous daughter, the lengths she has gone to help him stop drinking, and other issues concerning RiRi.

Rihanna held a Diamond Ball event during the week, and Ronald got kicked out for drinking. The incident happened even before the singer got there, but she got wind of it and is furious with her dad, considering the lengths she has gone to got him back on track.

Rihanna apparently spent $58,000 to put him through rehab in Malibu, after he got arrested and the judge gave him the options of rehab or jail. (more…)

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PHOTOS: Kim and Khloe Kardashian Put their ASSet on Display

Posted on 20 Dec 2014 at 10:08pm

From BeyondGossip.Com

In my Nicki Minaj voice: “Oh my God, look at that Butt!”

Kim Kardashian and sister Khloe were spotted flaunting their most famous ASSet (a.k.a booty) while filming the latest episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” at the Epione Cosmetic Laser Center in Beverly Hills.


Ciara Breaks It Off With Future: Again!

Posted on 20 Dec 2014 at 5:37pm

The pair broke up in August after Future reportedly cheated on the singer but then got back together after they welcomed their first child together into the world.

That decision was apparently motivated by the need to keep things together for the sake of young Future Zahir, but reports seem to indicate they’ve ended their engagement for good.

E! News claims Ciara tried to let them work things out, but that she felt humiliated by what happened and could not get over it.

“They tried to work things out between them but it could not be saved. Ciara could not get over what had happened” A source told the publication. (more…)

We Are Gradually Losing It…

Posted on 20 Dec 2014 at 5:15pm


The world we live in today which is social media dominated has created a new false sense of belonging—where people care so much about the number of friends or followers they have on instagram or twitter than how much money they have in their bank accounts or how knowledgeable they are at any point in time.

People pride themselves with facebook likes and instagram love to the extent that people write things and they turn to like it themselves—if this is not the definition of pathetic, then I might need to buy a new dictionary.

Some few years ago, I knew where all my friends lived and I could just walk to their houses. Today, I have friends in places like China, Iceland and Kuwait—all because of social media.

Increasingly, people are buying into this false assumption that, the more people you have following you on social media, the better person you are—or the more important you are.

People do not strive to become better persons anymore; they buy followers or beg for followers to convince others and themselves that they are somehow important.

Instagram recently decided to clean its platform, deleting all spam or fake accounts and to the shock of the world, a certain person who had 3.6 million followers was left with 8 followers ( I mean single eight).

It’s pathetic how someone could have paid for all these followers—just to deceive himself /herself and others that; he/she is important.

Even rapper-Mase who had 1.6 million followers was left with 272,000 followers after the cleaning—meaning he paid for the fake accounts to follow him. Out of disgrace, he deleted his account.

Human beings have gotten to a stage where we’ve forgotten about quality—focusing more on quantity.

And it goes beyond social media. The hype is about how many you have not the value of what you have…

We are gradually losing it and we can’t seem to even notice it.

The only place some people really feel any sense of belonging is on social media—and many of us do not have real relationship with people except those behind their computers somewhere in a little hole, connected to us via internet.

Baby With Rare Skin Condition Born In The US: What Do You Know About EB?

Posted on 20 Dec 2014 at 5:04pm


They say you learn something new every day and honestly I have never in my life heard of a disease that made it impossible for you to be touched.

I remember encountering something like that in Tina Fey’s award winning sitcom 30-Rock, but it turned out the lady was faking the whole thing and I assumed a disease like that was too preposterous to be true.

But that is the situation a family in the United States are facing with their newborn daughter Kiira Kinkles, according to Yahoo. The four month old was born to Kirsti and Jason Kinkles in California; and she was born with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, more commonly known as EB.

The condition affects only one out of 20, 000 newborns, and it causes skin to be so fragile that it can blister or even tear from the slightest bit of contact. According to her parents the only way to pick the baby up is with a soft blanket wrapped around her as a protective barrier. (more…)

To Divide and to Destroy: The EX Factor…

Posted on 19 Dec 2014 at 10:30pm


There are some people we enter into relationships with who are troubles with a capital T. They’ll mess you up so much and if you successfully rid yourself off them or they decide to take a bow and leave – they somehow try to ‘worm’ their way back into your life to continue from where they left off – destroy you the more! Love is least of the reasons why they rear their ‘ugly’ heads again. When an ex-lover, especially, the married one appears from nowhere and starts getting all loved up, they’re just coming to divide and destroy.

What love has he/she to offer after how many years? What love has he/she to offer when your relationship was the toxic/unhealthy/parasitic type? Truthfully, they have nothing to offer you. They will destroy your home whiles theirs stays intact. How can a man allow his ex-girlfriend access to his life and family after he caught her doing ‘testing mic 1, 2, 3’ on his friend meanwhile his ‘mic was never tested’ (thinking is allowed)?

Some people have given their exes the license to destroy their family, defraud them emotionally, because of a misplaced love they think they still have for them. Some people fall too easily to things their hearts and ears want to hear so just whisper sweet nothings into their ears and game starts. They throw caution to the wind and damn all consequences and start an illicit affair with an ex – who might have even treated them badly during the course of their relationship. (more…)

5 Hyped & Talented Ghanaian Rappers Who Failed to Glitter…

Posted on 19 Dec 2014 at 9:36pm

Let’s look at 5 distinguished emcees who got ‘extinguished.’ These rappers had huge potential to make it big in the Ghana music industry and some of their creative songs suggested so. They were consequently hyped and labelled the next big thing, only to whimper and take a bow before one could actually say, “Jack Robinson.”

Below are these artistes…


Mensa is still in the game but he has not seen the huge attention that was accorded him when he first made his entry into the Ghanaian music industry. Mensa was born in Accra but was raised in USA (Los Angeles-California) and UK (North London).

He was a member of the defunct Lifeline family that bragged of members like T-Blaze and Yoggy Doggy…

Presently, Mensa has formed a musical alliance with Wanlov Da Kuborlor. Together they released a musical film dubbed “COZ OF MONI”. Mensa has become popular in recent times, not with his music but his engagement in unwarranted controversies..


This man took Ga rap to a different dimension, something that created a perceived rivalry between himself and Tinny. His ‘throw one stone’ song became a street anthem and earned him a good name. In ‘sound of our time’, his ‘ke shikale ne egbo’ was the most played song on radio in Ghana, after Bollie’s song.

Somehow, Scizo disappeared and has not reappeared. (more…)

Ghana League Is Dying | Ghana Football Association Should Wake Up

Posted on 19 Dec 2014 at 8:53pm


The once upon time enviable Ghanaian league is on the brink of collapse as result of a protracted lawsuit instigated by the bank roller of King Faisal Babies Alhaji Karim Grusah. The 2014-2015 season is yet to commence and it seems people have even forgotten a Ghanaian league exists.

Supersport has threatened to withdraw their services and sever any form marriage they have with Ghana football association if the “symptoms persist.”

In the early 90’s right through the early part of the new millennium, the Ghanaian league was a toast of many soccer fanatics. People trooped to the various stadia to catch a glimpse of their favourite football players.

The two most glamorous clubs in Ghana; Accra Hearts Of Oak and Kumasi Asante Kotoko gave spectators the real brand of soccer artistry typical of Ghanaians. Charles Tailor, then with Accra Great Olympics and later transferred to Hearts was our own version of Brazilian legend Romario. Talented footballers like Ishmael Addo, Emmanuel Osei Kuffour, Stephen Oduro and the endles stars whose names cannot fill my limited space here ensured Ghana league was rated one of the best on the continent.

It was during that era that our various national teams blossomed and annexed several trophies in various tournaments.

As it stands now, the league is nothing to write home about. It is neither lucrative nor appealing. Every player wants go and play outside. As disgusting as it may sound, there are many Ghanaian players in ‘impoverished’ countries like Vietnam and Thailand wasting their talent because to them it’s better than what they had in Ghana. (more…)

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VIDEO: Nicki Minaj Promotes Album on ‘The Real’

Posted on 19 Dec 2014 at 8:30pm

From BeyondGossip.Com

Nicki Minaj is currently on the promo trail. This afternoon, the “Anaconda” rapper sat down with Tamar Braxton and her ladies at “The Real” show to promote her recently released album, “The Pink Print”.

Nicki talked about what inspired her to record her hit song “Anaconda”. She also revealed to Tamar that Beyonce is her favourite collaborate.

In other related news, Nicki’s album the “Pink Print” is expected to sell less than 200,000 copies. This is considered a disappointment because the album was well promoted, plus she also had a hit single — ‘Anaconda’.

Watch the interview below…


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N*dity on Display: Married Women Throwing Decency to the Dogs For Fear Of Losing Their Husbands!

Posted on 19 Dec 2014 at 4:28pm


N*dity is what the doctor ordered….for a single lady who has bought into the silly idea that men like the bad girls. We’ve thrown decency to the dogs because according to someone, men don’t have the patience to know women well before – so you show them what you have before they even ‘strip you naked’. Most girls nowadays go around almost naked all in the name of fashion and it’s more disheartening when one finds mothers with the sacred parts of their bodies exposed, all in the name of fashion.

Even in church, you’re bound to feed your eyes with girls who display sensual n*dity as if they’re trying to outdo each other – on the runway – in the house of God, which is supposedly a sacred place. Unfortunately, married women have joined the foray by dressing scantily because they ‘don’t want to risk losing their better half to scantily dressed girls/women’. (more…)

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