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Where are the Religious Zealots? | Nadia Buari Celebrates 13 Years of Sinning Against God-Why Don’t You Go for Her Head?

Posted on 01 Aug 2014 at 8:57pm

It is sad that even though some God sitting in heaven watching over our boring lives (I am about to go and shower and he will even be watching me) has told believers what he detests and likes, these believers have decided to choose what they want to condemn and what they want to ignore.

Instead of leaving the punishment, condemnation and appraisal to this God, many religious zealots go about pointing fingers, insulting and torturing homosexuals because their holy book is against these minorities.

Few hours ago, Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari decided to celebrate her tattoo which she has been carrying for 13 years—and I just thought I should remind all the dogmatic religious people who descend heavily on other people that, tattooing is also a sin—just like everything else you claim God will punish and burn people for. Who goes about celebrating her sin? Is she not mocking God?

There is no hierarchy of sins so the sins of the homosexual is equal the sin of the liar, and the sin of the thief is also equal the sin of the person carrying a tattoo. Isn’t it?

I think I found a verse for you too;

“Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD”- Leviticus 19:28.

Now are you going to go for Nadia Buari’s head same way you will go for my friend-AkosuaGhana’s head, because she is in a same sex relationship, happy and loving?

As Richard Dawkins wrote in The God Delusion “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.” (more…)

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Singer Katy Perry Wants to Join the Illuminati | Also Says She Believes in Aliens

Posted on 01 Aug 2014 at 8:13pm

From BeyondGossip.Com

There is practically no successful music star that has not been accused of being part of the Illuminati. From Jay_Z and Beyonce, to Kanye West, Rihanna, Eminem, Lil Wayne; the list goes on and on.

Musicians are not the only ones who face these accusations, politicians, movie stars, virtually any successful and powerful person.

According to these conspiracy theorists, there is a top secret occult group known as the Illuminati, and people join and sacrifice a part of their soul to gain fame and riches. The clues to decipher the occult worship can all be found in the actions of these stars, particularly their music videos.

These are believed to contain secret gestures of homage to their dark lord. And the latest pop star to face such allegations is Katy Perry, following her recent successes, and particularly after the release of the video for her charts topping ‘Dark Horse’, and her subsequent performance of the song at the Grammy’s.

But the American told Rolling Stone that she does not mind those allegations. She even wants to join the Illuminati, if they exist, that is. (more…)

Ghanaian A-List Movie Stars Are Still Not Being Paid for Some Movie Roles?

Posted on 01 Aug 2014 at 5:47pm

Though I struggle to sometimes come to terms with the concept of fame and how it translates into real money in our part of the world, I think every reasonable person would admit, that the reward of labour is salary—as such, we must place value on our services and talents.

I regularly throw stones at most of our celebrities for wearing the ‘FAKIES’ and trying so hard to parade a lifestyle which their circumstances cannot sustain but deep down, I genuinely feel sorry for some of these people, who continue to trade their time and talent for worthless fame.

I recently got into a long conversation with a certain Ghana actress. I wouldn’t call her an “A-lister” but surely a “B-lister” (That reminds me, I need to complete a page to place our Ghanaian entertainers under A, B, C and Z list).

Despite the fact that I am aware some of these “wannabe” stars work for free, enduring all sorts of abuse and contempt, I was shocked when the actress mentioned how much she is mostly paid for a movie role. And the fact that she does not even get paid sometimes by some of the long standing production houses nearly broke my heart.

“If an A-lister is starring in the movie for free, who are you to be getting paid”; this is something she has been told several times—and that, begging for your payment after you have finished working is a well accepted practice in today’s Ghana Movie Industry.

I understand things are hard but does the hardship not demand that a person must be paid for work done so he or she can have something to fall on?

According to this movie star, most of her colleagues including herself are mostly ticked on 1,000 GHS and when things are better, some of the A-listers are given 3,000 GHS per movie. Even with this, you would have to go to the church to thank God if the cheque clears—and that means, the pastor will take his share too.

“The money is very bad and that is why some of these girls have to find other ways to live the high life they desperately want” she added. I do understand where she is coming from with this but I wouldn’t accept that as a prudent alternative even in my intoxicated state.

Over the years, I have realized Ghanaians find it increasingly difficult to pay for things they cannot see with their eyes or touch —and that includes paying for services, no matter how valuable that service is to their business or operations. They want it for FREE and this is the bigger umbrella some of our movie stars are living under with those who hire their services.

No reasonable person would waste his or her time providing any real service for free, especially when that service will fetch someone money in the long run—but many of our movie stars are doing this, having bought into the vaguely placed notion of “you will become famous” by working for free… How long are you going to be working for free? (more…)

PHOTOS: Rihanna Spotted Arriving at ‘Da Silvano’ Restaurant in New York

Posted on 01 Aug 2014 at 1:23pm

From BeyondGossip.Com

Rihanna was photographed arriving at “Da Silvano” restaurant in New York. The Bajan beauty was all smiles heading to her favourite restaurant.

Riri was donning a long sleeve shirt and ripped denim jeans. As usual she was ravishing. Her mood heading to Da Silvano is an absolute contrast to when she arrived at the John F. Kennedy airport last Wednesday. At JFK, she looked angry and surly, but today at Da Silvano restaurant, she was the complete opposite — very friendly.

Peep more photos below… (more…)

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Taking Contraceptive Pill ‘Raises the Risk Of Breast Cancer By 50 Per Cent’

Posted on 01 Aug 2014 at 1:04pm


According to a new research, women taking contraceptive pills have a 50 per cent higher overall risk of developing breast cancer.

For many years, many women have and continue to use contraceptive pills to control birth but it has emerged that some of the pills with high levels of oestrogen can raise the risk threefold, compared with that of women who have never taken the Pill or who have stopped using it. (more…)

MUST READ: When Will the Wanting End So You Can Embrace Living?

Posted on 01 Aug 2014 at 11:16am

From TopVincent.Com

I have always wanted a lot of things and I still do want so many things—-some are necessary and many fall within the unnecessary box.

I wanted to finish College and I got that done. Then I wanted a degree and I went ahead for that too. After the degree, I wanted a masters, which I am almost done and now I am thinking about a P.hd, and it is highly likely I will go chasing that too.

Aside the above, I wanted a job which I got, and then I wanted to be working for myself by a certain age, which I went after it and got it achieved. I wanted a car; I have bought several—one after another as they keep messing up. I wanted to travel a lot which I have done and continue to do…

For the many years of my life, I’ve been “WANTING” things and the moment I get these things, they become unimportant to me—the next want sets in and I go chasing that.

This is not an isolated lifestyle or a definition of my existence alone—it is how millions of people, both old and young are living their lives. Many more will join and many will die wanting, without ever living.

I remember reading Timothy Ferriss’ New York Times Bestseller-The 4 Hour Work Week (Escape the 9-5 Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich), in which he highlighted the fact that many people will never live, yet they will die.

Ferriss had a brilliant advice, which is, even if you want to work like a donkey so you can keep chasing wants, that is somehow fine. But instead of waiting to be 70 years to retire (when you cannot really do much), you must take mini retirements throughout your life—instead of “hoarding the recovery and enjoyment for the fool’s gold of retirement”. He was right when he said life is most enjoyable when you are effective, not when you are 60 with eye problems. That will never amount to living but struggling to live…

The most important question is, when do we stop the “wanting” in order to live and enjoy life for what it is—and celebrate the many wants we had which are no more, because they’ve been accomplished?

I surely do not want to live the rest of my life wanting, without ever giving myself the opportunity to LIVE but breaking away from the magic circle of want demands a total change in mindset. And I’ve realized that to do this, I must start by placing less value on my wants, more value on my life and a higher value on those things that have been achieved.

At College, I spent 3 years studying Economics and what I took out of it all which is relevant to this today is; man has insatiable demand for more and more goods and services. We are inherently greedy and what most of us do not know is; we are robbing our own selves from living, with this irrepressible hunger for more and more…

A friend of mine broke away easily from the desire of unending wants which robs us of our own existence by becoming a minimalist. (You can read about how rich he is now and what it takes to become a minimalist from here).

Since then, I have seen him living his life to the highest, and I sometimes envy him (not that he has a lot) but because he has been able to break away from this pathetic lifestyle most of us will die chained to. For people like him, he has no wants, he only has a life to live and what matters to him is good health—the rest, he cares less.

We have just this life and yet we continue to place so many things ahead of living it. I’ve taken upon myself to end the wanting so I can begin living—so I can enjoy my existence.

I hope you also get to ask yourself this;  When Will the Wanting End So You Can Embrace Living?


VIDEO: Yvonne Nelson is Still Defending Her BLEACHED Skin | Are We Not Over This?

Posted on 31 Jul 2014 at 7:24pm

We have had enough of Yvonne Nelson’s bleaching and her counter claims of not bleaching talks….And yet, she continues to discuss this.

Some of us have made our minds up that home-girl has changed her complexion and no level of discrediting can change this.

Someone who recently worked with Yvonne Nelson on set had to this to say “Chris, I know and saw that Yvonne Nelson has tampered with her complexion but can you guys give her other side a little attention instead of her complexion”.

All the same, Joselyn Dumas sat down with Yvonne Nelson recently for her TV show “@ home with Joselyn Dumas” and as usual, the bleaching talk came flying through.

Yvonne is still hiding behind that defensive wall—when most of us have given up on her complexion. At the end of the day, it is her goddam business—just that we won’t be easily deceived.

I watched the video and the only question I asked myself is;  so Yvonne Nelson is happy with how she looks huh?

Check out what Yvonne Nelson had to say… (more…)

Nigerian Woman Kills her Two Kids After Giving Them ‘Holy Water’ from Pastor to Drink

Posted on 31 Jul 2014 at 6:52pm

I never understand people’s desperation for spiritual remedies in their lives, a sort of miracle cure to all their ills in this world prescribed to them by a ‘man of God’.

We after all, frown on cheating in any other endeavour of our lives. Yet people seek these spiritual means to give them an advantage over other people, whether for a job, or a husband, or any of those miracles these preachers advertise to us all the time.

A woman in Nigeria found herself in deep anguish today after her actions led to the death of her two kids in Delta State.

The Public Relations Officer of the Delta Police Command, revealed the details of the case in a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria.

The woman, 25 year old Ese Oghenevwe, confessed to the Police that she had given a liquid substance she received from church to her two children to drink. The substance was advertised as having healing powers and was sold to members of the congregation for 1,850 Naira (around $10)

The two children, who died shortly after drinking this ‘holy water’, were aged nine months and two years.

The Delta Police Command also announced that the pastor in question, one Apostle Austin Eduviere of Triumphant World International Church in Abraka, had also been arrested and he was assisting the police in their investigations. (more…)

Is It Wrong For Celebrities to Consult SPIRITUALISTS For Physical And Spiritual Help? | My Answer Is NO!

Posted on 31 Jul 2014 at 5:20pm

It is high time the general public stop being hypocrites and come to terms or understanding that stars or celebrities – whichever discipline they belong to, face or can face both physical and spiritual warfare just as any other person living in this world.

Stars or celebrities are humans and not angels. They also suffer spiritual warfare: spiritual marriage, spiritual disappointments, spiritual sabotage, spiritual illnesses, amongst others. A year ago, Hiplife musician Castro de Destroyer was sent to a prophetess to cure him of a severe illness he was suffering from.

When the story got into the media, many people took the news with shock. ‘Why did he visit a spiritualist,’ ‘Castro has been exposed,’ he visits spiritualists to promote his music, etc. Those were some of the comments that came from some people.

Even when manager of Castro DJ Amess came public to explain that the prophetess is Castro’s personal spiritualist whom the latter visits for spiritual assistance as and when, those who refuse to learn and to change their minds couldn’t see the sense in that.

Another one that caught my attention for this piece is Nigerian actor Jim Iyke who visited spiritualist Prophet T. B. Joshua and was delivered of a spirit that alleged that it had married the movie star – hence his unable to marry. President of Actors Guild of Nigerian Chegune Arinze resorted to the media and said Jim Iyke’s conduct (visiting T. B. Joshua and being delivered before the congregation) is a shame to Nollywood.

My fury – so because Jim Iyke is a celebrity or star, no evil spirit can posses him or torment him?

I still don’t get it! If you and I who are not celebrities can visit a spiritualist to solve a pressing spiritual problem, then leave celebrities who also visit spiritualists for the same purpose alone! If you don’t believe in spiritual matters, I guess you don’t even have to continue reading – because you are living in a world of your own.

This write up is one that if you are a celebrity who has been attacked spiritually before, can relate to and appreciate better. Or if you know of or have a relative or friend who is a celebrity or star and has been through spiritual attacks before, would appreciate better. (more…)

PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Ama K Abebrese, Yvonne Nelson, Becca, Nadia Buari & John Dumelo

Posted on 31 Jul 2014 at 3:58pm

Ghanaian actress/TV personality-Ama Konadu Abebrese is rocking another short hair, giving her signature long hair style a break—and she seems to be feeling this more, so she shared a photo.

Currently, Ama K. Abebrese is championing a strong anti-skin bleaching campaign in Ghana, with thick billboards having been mounted at several places in Accra. And she continues to celebrate her natural skin tone.

Check below for photos from Yvonne Nelson, Becca, Nadia Buari and John Dumelo… (more…)

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