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Why Do People Admit Wrong in Ghana, Yet Are Left to Go Scot Free?

Posted on 28 Aug 2014 at 3:05pm


A recent story about the sentencing of some National Health Insurance Authority personnel for their part in a scam has really left me scratching my head. There were three accused persons, yet one of them who pleaded guilty managed to escape with nothing more than an order to refund the stolen money.

Now a situation like this on its own is not particularly remarkable, but you couple this with other happenings in the country; such as the Presidential Committee sittings where people come and admit their wrong doings, apologise and then leave unscathed, and I see something seriously wrong with our concept of justice in this country.

The case involving two NHIA officers and a co-conspirator, which led to the scheme being defrauded to the tune of Ghc 131,409.26, was resolved after the judge sentenced the two to five years imprisonment.

The third party in the swindling case, Juliana Opoku-Manu, the administrator of the Samatex Hospital whose stipends were diverted by the trio for their own gain, pleaded guilty to the charges and managed to escape with a directive to refund her part of the money.

This might be nothing to raise a storm over, she might have accepted a plea deal to help nail the other two; but I mention this because cases like these occur far too often down here, and far too many times we confuse an admission of guilt with contrition and thus let the offending party go scot free.

That should not be the case; an admission of guilt does not make the offence committed any less wrong! By allowing people the luxury of being let go after admitting their wrong we’re just setting an unfortunate precedent for beating the system in the future. (more…)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Married at Last

Posted on 28 Aug 2014 at 2:33pm

World respected actress and renowned Humanitarian, Angelina Jolie who has been with boyfriend Brad Pitt for several years and have six children together, reportedly got married on the 23rd in Chateau Miraval, France.

According to associated press, “Pitt and Jolie’s six children were also in the wedding. Jolie walked the aisle with her eldest sons Maddox and Pax. Zahara and Vivienne threw petals while Shiloh and Knox served as ring bearers”

The two ace actors tied the knot in a quiet and private ceremony attended by just a few people close to them including their six children who looked on as they lovingly took their vows.

They were married my a Californian judge.

Angelina Jolie and her beau Brad Pitt have been together for 9 good years before their marriage. Nine years is probably a lifetime given Hollywood trends. LoL.

Wishing the gorgeous couple a beautiful marriage as the story develops.

What is the Point in Owning Things You Cannot Afford?

Posted on 28 Aug 2014 at 11:40am



For certain, many people will die out of depression, heart attacks, sadness and constant thinking/worrying about certain material things when they lose them—an occurrence which has no space in the lives of a few smart people.

Recently, I was on a holiday with a female friend who lost her self-bought diamond ring which she claimed to have purchased for £9000 while swimming in the sea—and the rest of the days on the island turned into a world of depression for her.

Since she wouldn’t stop crying and she wouldn’t stop going on about her lost expensive ring and since I couldn’t afford to hand over to her £9000 cash to end the constant cry, I decided to ask some hard but real questions.

When I asked if she had taken out any sort of insurance for the ring, she said she checked on insurance during the purchase but the monthly payments were too expensive so she did not take one. At this stage, I said, “the fact that you cannot afford insurance on an expensive diamond ring simple means; you could not afford the ring too but you got it anyway”. And by this, I meant, she should not have bought that ring if she could not afford to lose it.

I can afford some expensive material things on a go but when it comes to such things, I do not purchase them because I simply can afford to buy them or want them—the most important catch for my evaluation is, can I afford to lose them?

Many people have several highly expensive things (subjective) in their possession and they take pride in the fact that they actually own these things. There is nothing wrong with owning expensive things if you like them and you can afford them. But the affordability concept must stretch to cover; can you afford to lose them without losing your mind or entire life?

Probably, I can afford a £30,000 BMW car but I do not own one. I have a BMW which is far less expensive and I can afford to lose it without actually getting worried. If I wake up tomorrow and my BMW is stolen, I will be pissed for a minute but that is how far I will go. I wouldn’t have to spend days or hours indoors, crying over it as my friend did over her lost ring.

I know someone who owns a Porsche and anytime the car breaks down, he goes into hibernation because he cannot bring himself to accept the Porsche Garage charges and spare parts cost.  Imagine what will happen to this friend if the car gets stolen or crashed into by a run-away driver? I bet he will fall dead on his pot belly…

Living far below your standard may seem weird but to be frank, it gives the greatest peace of mind and safeguards you from all manner of self-inflicting emotional distress which eventually cuts down your short days in this world—and protects you from many headaches in the short term.

Many people do not consider the question; what is the point in owning things they cannot afford to lose, simply because they care too much about parading their worth or place their desire/want for things beyond the associated consequence should whatever they own disappear—which, there is a high probability of it happening.

Life is full of worries which we have no control over but to add more to the already existing ones by joining the train of expensive goods ownership when you cannot really afford these goods means, you are ready to cut your own life short by not taking control of the things you have control over.

The beauty of life is ingrained in simplicity. And mostly, the less expensive things and lifestyle define simplicity.


VIDEO: The Tales of Nazir is Back | A Hit at President Mahama for Poor Performance

Posted on 28 Aug 2014 at 11:16am

Louis Appiah, the creative mind behind Tales of Nazir is back with his 3rd episode and this time, he takes a hit at President John Mahama, with Sarkodie’s recently released song-Inflation leading him.

As usual, Nazir brings in his comical punch lines and what starts like an admiration for President Mahama’s performance ends up being a hit.

Watch the video below…

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After Allegedly Banging Becca, So Gospel Artiste-Sonnie Bandu Did Not Marry Her & Went in for a Born One?

Posted on 28 Aug 2014 at 10:35am


Dear Chris-Vincent,

Ghanaian gospel musician-Sonnie Bandu got married over the weekend in London to Ann-Marie Davis of Caribbean heritage and apart from your blog mentioning it briefly in an article about Fred Nuamah and John Dumelo, you guys did not pay any attention to his wedding so I write to ask why?

Also, I am not sure if you are aware that Sonnie Badu is alleged to have dated Ghanaian musician-Becca and alleged to have somehow promised her marriage but what did we see this weekend? He got married to Ann-Marie Davis.

Increasingly, Ghanaian women (the stars and the ordinary) are allowing the few Ghanaian stars abroad to come home and throw at them so many promises which do not mean anything to those making them. (more…)

Is It Not EVIDENT that Prayers Do Not Work & There is No Need for Them? | God Only Answers to Sign Language Because He Has Become DEAF & DUMB

Posted on 28 Aug 2014 at 8:03am

The common statements; God knows it all, he is the alpha and the omega—and believers must pray to ask the Father and it shall be given to them, contradict each other but many do not still see it.

There is not strong evidence that prayers work and that there is any God sitting up in the sky with billions of ears listening to the long prayers of believers, who are mostly poor. And yet these believers spend almost half of their lives praying to a deity who does not exist or does not answer any prayer.

As Albert Einstein rightly said, if people talk about a God that answers prayers, takes side in wars (supports the Israelis and others to massacre thousands of others which He himself had created), then he does not believe in such God.

Just this immediate paragraph makes me wonder if indeed the many attributes we give to God, specifically by the many “Monotheism religions” are well thought through. A God that knows what will happen before someone is even born, goes ahead to create thousands of people purposely to connive with others to kill these same people he has without any choice of these people placed on here. Yet, some silly believers will say, this may not make any earthly or logical sense but it makes celestial sense to the Father.

Let me not digress; if prayers indeed work, then how come Africans (undoubtedly the most prayerful people on the planet) are those with countless problems—and on a smaller scale, believers are those with dozens of baskets full of problems and continue to live in abject poverty? I know there is a biblical defence for this absurdity and illness, Job’s temptation or the path of the righteous is thorny but God delivers him from it all. But the truth is, God is not delivering today’s righteous from any of the hardship they continue to pray about and the sad truth is, they do not see the handwriting on the wall.

Perhaps, God has become deaf owning to the loud shouting of many years by change seekers and he is currently finding his way around sign language—so he cannot hear the many cry of his people. This better be the reason why there is no evidence that prayers work, because the alternative is; God is long dead. The problem is, even if he dies out of old age sitting in that golden chair, who will come and tell us on earth? The distance is too far and we cannot pick his death up from the nasty smell.

As one of my favourite reggae musicians-Senzo once said, the prayers of the poor are long, than the prayers of the rich. With such long prayers all geared toward making life changing request as the situations many of these believers find themselves are unbearable, why would God not stop listening or answering, that is even if you believe He exists?

The prayer delusion is so obvious and yet a lot of people continue to waste their time speaking into the air. Your prayer does not go beyond the ceiling and your next door neighbour cannot even hear you, so what makes you think some God sitting somewhere busily watching the Israelis and Palestinians throw rockets at each other to kill innocent children will be listening to you? (more…)

FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE: Bum on the BIKE-Sandra Ankobiah

Posted on 28 Aug 2014 at 7:55am

One of our all time “love to show off” and attention seeking celebrities-Sandra Ankobiah has managed to score a visit to Greece and everyone on instagram knows that she is staying at the Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel.

The TV presenter has been posting photos and videos, showing the world where she is staying and what she is up to since the day she landed. And these photos sort of cut for our column; FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE, though we would have love to see a close shot.

Check below for another shot (more…)

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Joselyn Dumas Outdoored as Jobberman Ghana’s Brand Ambassador

Posted on 27 Aug 2014 at 11:11pm

Jobberman Ghana, A jobs advertisement website has launched its services and outdoored its Brand Ambassador at a ceremony in Accra.

The ceremony was to familiarize the Jobberman brand in Ghana and also introduce to the general Public its Brand Ambassador- Joselyn Dumas.

Jobberman Ghana provides convenient and affordable avenues for recruiters to access a suitable pool of candidates for vacancies using the most effective and fastest tried and tested tools. Jobberman also gives jobseekers the opportunity to register and search for jobs for free on their website. (more…)

Wanluv the Kubolor Has Diagnosed Ghana’s Ailment- Says Religion is the Root Cause of Most of our Problems

Posted on 27 Aug 2014 at 11:05pm

Wanluv the Kubolor had always seemed to me like one of the few Ghanaian artistes whose head was screwed on right; don’t let the exterior fool you. And aside the faux pas on Delay’s show a couple of years back, I feel he’s always distinguished himself with the kind of content he churns out with his partner in crime, Mensah.

And quite recently in an interview with NewsOne, the unconventional artiste espoused some views on what he thinks is the matter with our dear nation Ghana. And in just a few words he managed to diagnose us pretty accurately, and spoke in no uncertain terms in a manner which I feel other celebrities would do well to adopt, maybe they can inspire the change we seem too stubborn to embrace.

Wanluv believes Ghanaians are too fixed on religion, and that instead of trying to solve our problems we obsess on how we can get into the paradise that our next life in heaven promises us. The artiste feels that is a disease, and it is eating at our very heart and soul worse than any conventional ailment ever would.

He told NewsOne “We have a very serious sickness right now in the country. Ghana is currently hard because most of us don’t care about the country, we care about church and how nice heaven will be so we don’t want to fix the problems in Ghana.”

He could not be more right; you would be hard pressed to find a group of people anywhere else in the world who adore religion more than we do as Ghanaians. It’s our daily bread, entrenched in every activity we carry out. And the fact that we sometimes obsess over it to the detriment of other more crucial tasks has long been established. (more…)

Religion: A Social Institution like NO Other…

Posted on 27 Aug 2014 at 2:49pm


I honestly cannot remember half of what I learnt in school, mostly because it was ‘chew and pour’ all the way. And as they say ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, I never saw any reason to revise my learning methods because I kept passing my exams.

Yet one thing I never forgot, even though it was something we learnt in our first year of school, was a sociology lecture on social institutions. One reason is because as a journalist I’m intimately interested in sociology, but the larger reason was that it struck a chord with me that from that day changed how I viewed all social institutions, religion in particular.

The gist of that lesson was that social institutions are structures put in place by man to make living easier. The official definition is something much classier than this, of course, but this is what I remember and what I’ve kept in my head all these years.

What does that mean? It means that throughout history humankind has always come up with innovative ways to skirt any particular vexing problem. And in that capacity you have to admit the genius of us humans, because we have a capability for adaptability that has ensured our survival as a species for millennia.

In the early days of man, the hunter-gatherer stage, it was mostly survival of the fittest. Yet the species would never have survived that status quo for a sustained stage, cue the formation of the social institution of family.

The family look out for each other, ensuring a higher chance of survival as a unit than the individual possesses. This led to communities springing up, which in turn necessitated the formation of government.

There have always been unexplainable phenomena in the history of man, and as the curious creature man is there has to be an explanation for everything. Initially superstition catered for that, with the belief in witches and wizards and other forms of superstition that attempted to explain away the unexplainable.

Eventually religion sprung up as the social institution in charge of explaining the unexplainable. Organised religion came up with the perfect answer, attributing everything remotely unexplainable to the presence of an all encompassing, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient deity.

You have to admit it’s the perfect solution, no matter whatever woes you go through it is okay, because it is all part of the grand plan of the aforementioned omnipotent deity. There is little you can do to question these plans for you, no matter how little you like them. Perhaps you can bring more sacrifices, both to the deity and his representatives here on Earth, but once again there is no guarantee of success, just that your faith tells you you must try.

Back in school I wondered why religion was listed as one of the social institutions, considering that the others were all the product of the genius of man as a species. Then it hit me, that perhaps the answer was just as simple as this; that perhaps religion is also the product of man. (more…)

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