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T B Joshua Could Not Help Castro’s Family Find Him – Castro’s Family Presented Castro’s Picture, New Dress, 7 Mirror And Gun Powder For Rituals

Posted on 19 Sep 2014 at 4:57pm

A member of Castro’s family by name, Nii Abbey, has finally come out to reveal the hell they went through in the hands of a spiritualist in their attempt to unravel the mystery behind Castro’s tragic fate.

Speaking on Channel R’s ‘205 Total Entertainment,’ Nii Abbey said “a certain prophet referred us to this spiritualist in Russia – a suburb in Accra. He is a fetish priest! So I, Castro’s Aunty in the company of other family members, visited this fetish! His shine is so scary! We were all scared when we went there! We visited him just 3 days (Wednesday 9th July, 2014) after Castro’s story broke out.

“When we went there, this fetish priest claimed he knows Castro. He also claimed that Castro and 2 footballers come to him and that, one of the footballers, is his in-law. He however admitted that Castro did not come there for any spiritual help because Castro did not believe in the spiritualist and his works.”

Host of ‘205 Total Entertainment,’ Christian Agyei Frimpong, asked Nii why of all the credible men of God, they consulted a fetish priest. Nii continued by responding that Castro’s family are Christians and that one of Castro’s uncles is even a pastor but “in the heat of the issues, all we wanted was solution to the mystery so the intention was not to go worship idols! I did not support the idea of going to see the priest but the situation demanded it” Nii said. (more…)

Daniel Kenu Drops All Charges Against Baffour Gyan

Posted on 19 Sep 2014 at 4:41pm

After a lot of grandstanding from the powers that be at Graphic on the case against Baffour Gyan, Daniel Kenu has withdrawn the case against Baffour Gyan, citing health reasons.

The Ashanti regional Daily Graphic editor was assaulted by Baffour Gyan, Samuel Anim Addo- brother and publicist to Black Stars skipper Asamoah Gyan respectively: and some hired thugs after he asked Asamoah Gyan a question they deemed insensitive.

The case was sent to court, but the defendants have from day one maintained their determination to seek an out of court settlement; and it seems they have achieved their objective with this latest piece of information coming through.

It is a surprising move, especially considering the managing editor of the Graphic Communications Group, Ken Ashigbey, had vowed that justice would be served to Baffour Gyan, to ensure that no journalist would be disrespected in that manner again. (more…)

Can T.B Joshua and His Church Give Us a Break & Stop this Ridiculous Attempt on his Life Thing? | Rescue Workers Say Building Collapsed Because Additional Stories Were Being Added

Posted on 19 Sep 2014 at 10:42am


It’s been a crazy week for T.B Joshua and his Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), after one of his structures collapsed; an accident that has so far killed about 80 people.

Whilst a terrible tragedy which people are still trying to process, T.B Joshua and SCOAN have made things worse with their ridiculous attempts to explain away the incident. For my part I do not see how any right thinking person should accept the explanation being proffered by the man his followers like to call ‘prophet’.

Joshua is somehow convinced that a helicopter that was seen circling the building moments before it collapsed must have caused the incident. Unless the aircraft was carrying some sort of invisible earthquake inducing device, I do not see how that correlates to the collapse of a building that has claimed so many lives.

Even worse is his conviction, from nowhere really, that it must have been an attempt on his life by his enemies. I cannot imagine the level of hubris required to make such an incident all about yourself, even worse the feeling that there are people in this world who would accept this explanation as gospel. (more…)

3 More Housemates of Big Brother Hotshot Revealed | It’s Goitse from Botswana, Esther from Uganda and Idris from Tanzania

Posted on 19 Sep 2014 at 10:27am

Yesterday, we brought you first 3 housemates of the soon to be launched Big Brother Hotshots—from Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenye. Today, we have 3 more housemates for you and they are from Botswana , Uganda and Tanzania…

Check them out below…


Goitse | Age: 22 | Botswana

Bachelor of Fine Arts theatre student Goitse hails from Mahalapye in Botswana. ‘Home, Sweet Home’ is her favourite place – ‘the comfort, a home-cooked meal and my family just make it my favourite’, she says.

She says the best thing about Africa is its history: ‘it’s so rich with history of what our forefathers have gone through’. South Africa is her favourite place outside of Botswana because she has ‘met great people there who have become family. They also have a range of interesting official languages’, which are similar to those in Botswana.

Goitse says she entered Big Brother Hotshots for the adventure. ‘People from different countries in Africa, all under one roof, no contact with the outside world in any way? Now that’s amazing!’ she says. In her quest for the prize, she won’t pretend to be someone she’s not and if she wins, she’ll use the money to open a dance studio. ‘That will be a dream come true,’ she says. ‘I haven’t decided on what else’.

She says her mom is her role model – ‘she’s a fighter and a survivor. She’s been through a lot of hardships, but she stands tall and strong. She always pushed me to be the best I can be, no matter how challenging it can get’.

Goitse describes herself as ‘carefree, free-spirited, fun, energetic and motivated’. (more…)

Beyonce Has a New Sister! DNA Confirms Mathew Knowles Has Another Child

Posted on 18 Sep 2014 at 4:29pm

From BeyondGossip.Com

It is now confirmed! Thanks to the DNA test conducted, Beyonce’s dad, Mathew Knowles is the biological father of a baby born by a lingerie model in 2010.

Papa Knowles played a billie jean and denied impregnating the model until she sued him last year..  The DNA test was conducted … and the result says Mathew is the bio dad. (more…)

Victoria Hammah’s Police Arrest of Boyfriend Case | I Think I Know What MUST Have Happened

Posted on 18 Sep 2014 at 2:08pm

Hello Chris-Vincent,

So I didn’t know you have some sort of family connection with Victoriah Duna Hammah until I read the latest news on our former deputy Minister this morning on your blog, GhanaCelebrities.Com.

Can I ask a silly question? What is the weight of the Victoriah Hammah duna in kilograms? You may need Albert Einstein to do this complex calculation.

Anyway, so according to what I read, Victoria Hammah got her boyfriend arrest early morning at around 7:45 am on Wednesday September 10, 2014 and her initial complaint was that the boyfriend had beaten her over a disagreement with certain details of their s*xual adventure.

So when the police went for the boyfriend’s statement, the report says the guy stated they had a disagreement over something Victoria Hammah wanted him to do s*xually which he didn’t or couldn’t do…right?

Since I am good at solving the puzzles with my recent work being why men are idiots, let me tell you what I believe happened at the morning between Victoria Hammah and her boyfriend which got her upset and led to the arrest of her poor boyfriend.

It is not possible to go anywhere from the back of Victoria Hammah and I think we will all agree on this. It is like hitting your head against a thick wall, hoping to find yourself at the other side of the wall.

But as a woman, she has heard a lot about the bend over and take the back shots so she has been for many months asking her boyfriend to give that treat, I think. (more…)

PHOTOS + Joselyn Dumas Successfully Launches Phase 2 of ‘Xcholera Campaign’ | Kick-Starts It at Okaishie Market

Posted on 18 Sep 2014 at 1:30pm

Joselyn Dumas is known for many things, one of which is her fervor to get things done right. She’s been at the top of the entertainment industry crops since shooting to fame in 2009. Recently, she launched a campaign – the “Xcholera Campaign” – to create awareness on the outbreak of cholera (a disease typically transmitted by consuming either contaminated food or water).

The first phase of the campaign which was ran on social media caught the attention of majority of Ghanaians (both home and abroad), as well as other foreign nationals on various social media sites.

The second phase of the entire campaign was launched yesterday (September 17, 2014) at the Okaishie market. The launch attracted countless individuals who live in cholera-prone areas.

According to Miss Dumas, “the phase two of the campaign encompasses embarking on market storms to educate market women on the need to keep their surroundings clean in order not to contract cholera.”

“This campaign is geared towards changing attitudes of Ghanaians in relation to cleanliness. It is not a one-off campaign. It is something that my team and I will embark on till we see a positive change in societies”, Joselyn added.

She stated that, her team and herself are making use of market Queens in educating those in the market. As she put it, “the market queens are the opinion leaders in the market. Their voices carry weight and people in the market heed to what they say. It is therefore advisable to make use of them to achieve the goal we require at the moment.” (more…)

Victoria Hammah Again? Victoria Hammah Reports BF to Police Over SEKS

Posted on 18 Sep 2014 at 12:05pm

Since Victoria Hammah is somehow related to Chris-Vincent (Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com), let’s do this to spite him—because he does it to a lot of people and in fact, he is talented at it.

So Chris’ long chain cousin or whatever-Victoria Hammah who made headlines some months back over a 1 million dollar State money she intended to steal as a deputy Minister which got her SACKED is back in the news—and this time, over s*xual disagreement with her boyfriend.

Victoria Hammah is alleged to have, “at about 7:45am on Wednesday September 10, 2014, stormed the Dansoman Police Station in Accra and reported her boyfriend, Richard Frimpong Dardo, to the police after they had disagreed on an issue about s*xual intercourse”, DailyGuide reports.

Apparently, at the station, Victoria told the police that Frimpong Dardo had beaten her up and stolen her unspecified amount of money and when the police visited Victoria’s residence, the suspected was reported as having ‘scattered’ her room. (more…)

First 3 Housemates of Big Brother Hotshot Revealed | It’s Butterphly from Zimbabwe, Ellah from Uganda and Alusa from Kenya

Posted on 18 Sep 2014 at 9:31am

Ahead of 5th October launch of this year’s edition of Big Brother Africa-Big Brother Hotshot, 3 housemates have been revealed—and with such interesting backgrounds and characters, it definitely seems like it is going to be another good season…

Check them out below…

Alusa | Age: 33 | Kenya

Actor, Radio Drama Director and MC Alusa from Nairobi, Kenya, is married and has three children. His favourite food is ugali with chicken stew and traditional vegetables. His favourite book is TD Jakes’ He-Motions and he likes watching National Geographic, The Exes and Nigerian movies on TV. On the music front, he enjoys listening to Sauti-Sol, Mafikizolo, P.Square, Youssou N’Dour and Salif Keita. One of his favourite films, Training Day, features one of his favourite actors: Denzel Washington.

Describing himself as ‘ambitious, spiritual, out-spoken, generous and mysterious’, Alusa likes people who are ‘detailed’ and who have a good sense of humour, because he likes to laugh. He doesn’t enjoy people who ‘emit negative energy’.

He entered Big Brother Hotshots for the exposure, as well as the intrigue of living with total strangers in a closed environment and the desire to share his lifestyle with a huge audience. Alusa is looking forward to having the continent watching him: ‘I’m an artist, a performer, so I love attention. I’m not in the least bit intimidated, in fact, I’m thrilled’

Alusa lists Mombasa and his village of Kakamega as his favourite places in Kenya, because they’re both very exotic in their ways and rich culture. He says the best thing about Africa is the people. ‘Africans are both beautiful in form and diverse culture,’ he says. Outside of Africa, his favourite place is Brazil. ‘Rich culture, beautiful women, sweet samba music, festivals, food – I could go on and on,’ he says. (more…)

OPEN GOSSIP: Ghanaian Married Deputy Minister Chopping Down the Wife of Former Ghanaian Football Star with First Letter of His Surname Being D…

Posted on 17 Sep 2014 at 11:29pm

A certain former Ghanaian football star who was a member of Ghana’s under-17 team that won the 1991 FIFA World Championship in Italy’s wife is being chopped down by a certain married Ghanaian Deputy Minister, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learnt.

Though the said wife of the former footballer with first alphabet of his surname being ‘D’ is currently seeking for divorce, the divorce has not been yet granted and as such, the two are still married—legally.

However, this woman who has a strong Showbiz connection is seriously being chopped down by a deputy Minister, who is also married with kids.

Currently, the woman lives in a house belonging to her husband ‘D’ at West Legon—and that is where the chopping down regularly happens, since the man of position is doing all he can to keep the dirty affair under the radar.

GhanaCelebrities.Com’s source who swept this to us said “it is a disgrace for her to being doing this in her husband’s house even if a divorce is pending. And to be doing this with a married Deputy Minister makes it disgusting”.

Considering why any decent woman will be doing this and for that matter with a married man, our source said “what else could be the motivation apart from money. She recently started a cake business and because it is not booming, she is taking it on the men by using her thing in-between her legs—cheaply as most of these girls are doing around”. (more…)

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